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Restaurant nails 'Ghostbusters' decorations for Halloween

There's something strange in the neighborhood ... on top of this Pennsylvania eatery.
/ Source: TODAY

Somebody call the Ghostbusters because the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is on the loose — and he's currently camping out on a restaurant rooftop in Pennsylvania.

Angelo's II, a restaurant in Monongahela (which is about an hour south of Pittsburgh), has decorated its building with an inflatable version of the Ghostbusters' pillowy nemesis.

To create a truly spook-tacular effect, the restaurant has even added inflatable green tentacles sticking out of the windows to get everyone passing by into the true spirit of Halloween.

Call Egon, Ray, Peter and Winston because there is a restaurant in Pennsylvania that needs their help. Angelo's II

The decorations were first unveiled on Sunday and the reaction from locals was immediate, with dozens of people stopping by to grab photos of the haunted eatery.

"They love it,'' Angelo's II owner Ryan Dzimiera told TODAY Food on Monday. "I'm looking out the window right now and there's a class of kids taking pictures and standing in front of it, which is just really cool to see."

Last year, the restaurant started a tradition of putting up elaborate decorations to mark different holidays. The first display featured a giant Santa Claus for Christmas.

They also decorated the restaurant for Easter, so Dzimiera wanted to keep it going with a Halloween-themed idea this month.

"It was a combination of just throwing around different ideas,'' Dzimiera said. "I've been a fan of 'Ghostbusters' for 30 years, so we figured we'll just put a big Stay Puft on the roof."

Dzimiera's uncle, Peter Dzimiera, got the idea for the tentacles after seeing a photo of a different building online that was decorated with them.

A family friend of the owner created the tentacles, which are kept inflated by fans. Angelo's II

They were able to order the inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man online, but the spooky green tentacles are a custom creation. A friend of Peter Dzimiera's made the tentacles herself by sewing them together. The restaurant uses fans inside to keep them inflated.

While there aren't any "Ghostbusters"-themed dishes on the menu, Dzimiera said that he is planning to serve Halloween-themed drinks soon and will give out treats to kids passing by on the holiday itself.

Angelo's II is just the latest food business to play dress up for Halloween. A Burger King in New York had some fun with the company's arch-rival by decorating the building as a spooky McDonald's ghost in 2016.

Three years earlier, Pepsi cloaked one of its cans in a Coca-Cola cape with an ad reading, "We wish you a scary Halloween!"

The "Ghostbusters" decorations have nothing to do with a rival business, unless Peter Venkman or Egon Spengler is now the owner of a restaurant in Monongahela. Stranger things have happened.

The scene has certainly gotten the town in the mood for Halloween.

"Best decorating of the building yet!'' one commenter wrote on the restaurant's Facebook post. "Had to stop and take pictures last night - and I wasn’t the only one doing so. Awesome job."

"This is so awesome! The whole town is talking about it!" another one wrote.

Hopefully the Ghostbusters won't have to cross the streams to get the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man off the roof on Nov. 1.