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A chef made a coronavirus-themed burger — and he's selling 50 a day

A chef in Hanoi, Vietnam, has created an unusual looking meal inspired by the global pandemic.
Chef Dang Van Khu makes burgers shaped as coronavirus at a restaurant in Hanoi
The burger uses green tea and vegetable juice to dye the burger green. Nguyen Huy Kham / Reuters
/ Source: TODAY

A chef in Hanoi, Vietnam, has created a coronavirus-themed burger — aka a "coronaburger" — in an attempt to raise spirits and boost morale in the country's capital city.

Chef Hoang Tung, who oversees the kitchen at the Pizza Home takeaway restaurant, told Reuters, "We have this joke that if you are scared of something, you should eat it."

“That’s why the coronavirus isn’t scary anymore after you eat a burger in the shape of the virus itself. That way of thinking spreads joy to others during this pandemic,” he continued, adding that the shop is selling about 50 coronaburgers a day despite increasingly tighter restrictions on businesses and restaurants in the country.

A short video details how the uniquely shaped burgers are made.

It took Tung and his staff, who normally just make pizzas, one day to come up with the recipe, which uses green tea powder and vegetable juice to tint the burger buns green.

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Small bits of dough are shaped into the spike-like proteins that protrude out from the virus' cell and then attached to the buns, which are then baked. Then a beef patty topped with cheese is added, and customers may request any of the usual burger fixings like lettuce, tomato and onion.

A burger shaped as coronavirus is seen at a restaurant in Hanoi
A burger shaped as coronavirus is seen at a restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam March 25, 2020. Nguyen Huy Kham / Reuters

According to Reuters, there have been no deaths from the coronavirus in Vietnam, however there are 148 recorded cases of the virus in the country.

Tung isn't the only restauranteur making coronavirus-themed foods in the wake of the ongoing pandemic.

French chocolatier Jean-François Pré is making Easter eggs with milk chocolate that's been painted black and decorated with colored almonds to resemble virus cells.

In the United States, a bakery in Suffolk, Virginia, has been baking and selling coronavirus doughnuts, complete with pink icing, colorful sprinkles and small spikes of frosting, since mid-March. On Facebook, the bakery called the confection a "corona sprinkle donut," and in a follow-up post said the pastry was "overwhelmingly popular," so they are only allowing people to buy two for every dozen doughnuts ordered.

In Chicago, yet another bakery added its own twist on the news-driven theme and has been selling cakes shaped like rolls of toilet paper — the item grocery stores just can't keep in stock. The cakes come with a custom message and each one feeds 10-15 people.

For those particularly concerned about supply shortages, the cakes come with an extra perk — each order includes a roll of real toilet paper.

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