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Reese's candy follows just one Instagram account — and it's another Reese

The popular candy and the Oscar-winning actress go way back.
/ Source: TODAY

It's all in the name!

The clever folks at Reese's candy appear to be making a statement about brand loyalty on the company's official Instagram account.

Though more than 100,000 candy fans follow the beloved peanut-butter cup purveyor, Reese's, in turn, follows just one person: Hollywood superstar Reese Witherspoon.

When a sharp-eyed snacker shared the discovery on Twitter, the company explained itself.

"She has a great name," Reese's tweeted.

Reese's only has eyes for Reese ... on Instagram.FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA / EPA

While the "Big Little Lies" star has yet to weigh in on this sweet little fact, her fans already know that Witherspoon and the candy company are, well, already on a first-name basis.

Who could forget Witherspoon's Halloween tweet from 2016 that clearly illustrated her affection for Reese's Pieces? Next to a goblet filled with the crunchy candies, the Oscar winner proudly displayed a hand-drawn "Reese's Pieces" sign.

The company responded with a joke just for her. "How does Reese Witherspoon eat her Reese’s? WIT-HER-SPOON," it tweeted.

This past October, the actress shared a short video of her hiding her own "secret stash" of the candies hashtagging it #ReesesForLife.

Of course, Reese's is hardly the first food company to get guffaws (and attention) for who they follow on social media.

In 2017, social media sleuths cracked the clever code behind the 11 people KFC follows on Twitter. The elite group the chicken chain follows includes all five Spice Girls — and six random guys named Herb.

In other words, the famous "11 herbs and spices" in KFC's secret finger lickin' fried chicken recipe.

Now that's some seasoned marketing!

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