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By Kayla Boyd

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Stumped about what to buy a loved one for Valentine's Day? Or maybe you're looking to send to your partner as a subtle "buy me this" hint? Either way, we found a pretty amazing gift idea that anyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate.

Right now Walmart is selling bouquets of Reese's candy and to be honest, it's so much better than flowers.

Reese's Extravaganza Bouquet, $45, Walmart

Similar available at Jet.

The edible bouquet contains 36 peanut butter cups mixed in with coordinating orange faux flowers. You can keep it on your desk and share with friends or you can put that New Year's diet on hold and go to town!

Can you imagine anything more romantic than three dozen discs of chocolate-covered peanut butter? We didn't think so.

But if Reese's isn't your candy of choice, Walmart also has other candy bouquet options — and they all sound delicious.

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M&M Candy Bouquet, $30, Amazon

Also available at Walmart.

This M&M bouquet is made with four theater-size M&M boxes and topped with 16 fun-sized packets.

Twizzler Candy Bouquet, $56, Walmart

Also available at Hayneedle.

This yummy bouquet features five large Twizzler packs and 12 fun-size ones. It's also available in a larger size if you want to show them you REALLY care.

Skittles & More Candy Bouquet, $56, Walmart

Also available at Hayneedle.

If you like a variety of candy options, this bouquet is perfect. It includes a few large packs of Skittles and an assortment of fun-size candies, such as Reese's, Heath bars, M&Ms, Kit Kats and more.

Pink Rose Ferrero Rocher Bouquet, $57, Walmart

Similar available from Overstock.

This option is perfect for Valentine's Day because it's full of hearts, flowers and of course chocolates. The bouquet includes paper flowers, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, bows, tulle and other cute details.

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