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'Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond shares throwback photo for anniversary with husband Ladd

Four kids and 24 years later, the pair couldn't be more in love.
/ Source: TODAY

"Pioneer Woman" Ree Drummond shared a throwback photo of her wedding to husband Ladd Drummond in honor of their 24th anniversary.

"I never got around to ordering my wedding photos," Drummond wrote on Instagram alongside of a photo of her wearing her wedding dress and holding hands with her new husband on Sept. 21, 1996.

Drummond said she dug out the old photo because her daughter Alex, 23, who recently got engaged to her boyfriend of several years, wanted to see her mom's wedding dress.

"It had a corset tie in the back with a little bunch of silk flowers at the waist. All business on the front, though," Drummond wrote.

She finished her sweet post with a message to her husband.

"I love you, Ladd Drummond! Happy anniversary, and thank you for getting me pregnant within a week of this photo being taken," she added.

The couple first met in a bar, according to a story posted on Drummond's website.

"When Ree headed out for a casual girls' night in her hometown, her expectations were low," it said. "She had just moved back from Los Angeles and was making a pit stop in her hometown of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, for a few months before moving to Chicago. Desperate for a fun time with old friends, Ree agreed to meet her childhood buddies at a local dive (and didn't even bother to put on eyeliner before rushing out the door!). The only thing on her mind was a much-needed glass of chardonnay."

And that's the night she met her future husband.

Four kids and 24 years later, they couldn't be more in love. Drummond recently shared a video of her husband embracing her as she sat in the kitchen.

While her husband told her she smells good, Drummond replied, "Well you don't smell bad!"

As Drummond told her husband, "You're supposed to be my sweetie, not my sweaty!"