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Red Velvet Oreo: A taste-test of the limited-edition cookies

Red Velvet Oreo
Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

Gossip has been swirling for months about a new limited edition Oreo flavor, and confirmation is finally here. It is, as rumored, Red Velvet: a red-tinged chocolaty cookie with a cream cheese spin on the "creme" filling. got an early taste of the cookies, which are due to hit stores nationwide on February 2 and will be sold for about six to eight weeks. The response to our informal taste-test was overwhelmingly positive. Read on for a sampling of our reactions and try for a chance to win your own free samples at

Brandon Goodwin / Today

"I love anything red velvet, and these Oreos certainly live up to their name!" — Rachel Becker

"Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t believe this is an Oreo. The cream cheesy taste is so good!" — Amy Eley

"Delish! Like standard-recipe Oreos, I’m pretty sure I could eat the whole pack in a single sitting. I especially like the cream cheese-y filling. It’s sweet, but not as rot-your-teeth sweet as plain Oreo filling." — Lauren Sullivan

"They made me feel fancy. There’s something very decadent for me about eating Oreos and the red velvet-cocoa flavor rather than the straight-up chocolate flavor felt a little more subtle and sophisticated. That said, I would still inhale a whole package of them with milk, if left to my own devices." — Rebecca Dube

"I liked that it tasted more like red velvet cake rather than the typical chocolate flavor you expect when eating an Oreo." — M.C. Suhocki

Brandon Goodwin / Today

"I give it a B. It’s a pretty successful mashup of Oreo and red velvet cupcake (my favorite kind) that does a fair amount of justice to both. I deduct points for something a little off in the aftertaste, a hint of something coconut-y that doesn't seem to belong there." — Rick Schindler

"Still way too sweet like all Oreos. But I like it much better. I may never go back. If I closed my eyes, I wouldn't guess red velvet, but the cream is, um, creamier, and has more body than the typical vanilla. And I prefer the cookie to the chocolate version." — Jane Weaver

"It's overly sweet and the cream cheese lacks enough tang, but the cookie has a nice richness to it — it almost tastes more chocolaty than the regular Oreo wafer. These would be great used in a crust for a red velvet pie." — Megan O. Steintrager