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Red velvet brain cake and 9 other horrifyingly tasty Halloween party foods

A round-up of some of the creepiest-looking foods you can make this Halloween. Best keep your eyes closed while chewing!
/ Source: TODAY

Having guests over for Halloween? You may want to cook up something extra special, and especially spooky.

Here's a look at some creepy, gory and downright hideous-looking Halloween treats you can make at home this year. But don't let their looks scare you, these are tasty!

1. Eyeball Cupcakes

A simple twist on the traditional cupcake, these treats are no so disgusting that you won't be able to "look" at them. They're also likely to intrigue the little ones, rather than scare them, as long as you make it fun!

Find the recipe for eyeball cupcakes at Annie's Eats!

2. Rat Cheesecake

Sorry pizza rat, you're not welcome here. Cheesecake rat, on the other hand, come on over! The Instagrammer @bougiemama discusses the ingredients in the comments of her post. You'll need cream cheese, Oreo cookies, powdered sugar and a few other things.

If you like the idea of rats, but aren't into the idea of cutting into one, you can also make a regular cake and put some squishy fake rats on top.

3. Spidery Deviled Eggs

The fear factor is already in the name, "deviled eggs" — all you have to do is spice them up a bit, literally.

These spidery snacks require very little extra work. All you have to do is make deviled eggs and then add spider shapes with paprika. The foodie who made the ones above snipped the silhouette of a spider from a photo she printed off the web.

Admit it, they're kinda cute.

4. Pumpkin Barf Dip

Why not carve a pumpkin that can not only make a scary face, but can also vomit? The trick here is all in your knife work. Make an angry-looking pumpkin with a gaping mouth, and voilà!

Place the pumpkin on a plate of chips and make it look like its barfing guacamole, or even spilling its salsa brains out. It's totally disgusting, but can prove that nothing can keep people away from guacamole at a party! Try it with hummus or other types of dip, too.

5. Red Velvet Brain Cake

This one will elicit a groan out of even the most die-hard horror movie fan, and is so real-looking, a zombie would surely mistake it for a human brain. If you have the courage to create it, check out this step by step tutorial on YouTube or read about it here.

5. Spider On The Bowl

Want to induce a subtle spook but not a full on freak-out? Add gummy spider decorations to your dinnerware. You can make these treats yourself with fruit juice, honey, and gelatin, or buy some on Amazon.

6. Vampire Cocktails

Halloween drinks are great because they're so easy; a little accessory goes a long way. To make a vampire cocktail, all you really need is club soda, raspberries (for 'zee bluuud) and fake syringes. You can serve it as alcoholic or non-alcoholic depending on how creepy you want the night to get.

Take it to the next level by adding spider ice cubes!

7. Spider Sliders

Sometimes you just need the right Halloween context to remind you of how terrifying certain foods already look. Take soft-shell crabs, for instance. They look a lot like tarantulas, especially when you stuff them whole between two buns and some gooey sauce. Try them for a backyard party where people can get a little sloppy.

8. Finger Hot Dogs

Bring a whole new meaning to the term "finger food." These snacks are essentially just hot dogs, but the delicate shaving in the shape of a fingernail is a brilliant touch. Chances are you'd already be serving these with ketchup, which naturally resembles blood.

And, of course, don't forget to re-label the condiments.

9. Cucumber Skulls

Super easy and very healthy! Cut the cucumbers into skull shapes, and then poke out the shapes of eyes, a nose and a mouth. Cucumber skulls go great with dip — especially the kind that is spilling out of a pumpkin head!

10. The Ultimate Halloween Dish

This one is meant to test your commitment to Halloween. How far will you go to create something absolutely horrifying to look at and totally satisfying to eat? This dead man with exposed guts and wounds is the ultimate Halloween display. Best for a crowd who likes meat ... lots of meat!