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Twitter went crazy after rapper Post Malone asked if meatballs are a fruit

The viral internet sensation just needed a little help understanding the food.
/ Source: TODAY

An apple is a fruit. So is an orange. A tomato is a fruit, too ... but of course there's been a lot of debate on that subject.

It all seems pretty straightforward, but when viral internet sensation and rapper Post Malone posed a simple question about whether a certain food qualified as a fruit, he riled up a lot of people on social media.

"Is meatball an fruit," he asked Twitter on July 16. Many of his followers quickly responded to his call for aid — as well as plenty of people who were flabbergasted by the query.

The rapper is popular with the Kardashians and other celebs like Jessie James Decker, but none of them came to his rescue with a response on social media. However, his tweet has since been liked over 200,000 times and received over 50,000 comments.

Rapper Post Malone needed some help understanding meatballs and Twitter came to the rescue.Getty Images/Shutterstock

There were many naysayers who told Malone the truth very succinctly, including Bon Appétit.

Others questioned his grammar.

But a few fans decided to confirm that yes, meatballs are indeed a fruit.

Some even asserted that they grow on trees. Of course, a meatball tree sounds sort of delightful, like something out of "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."

Others suggested that they grow on vines like grapes. Meatball wine, anyone?

One person seemed dubious about the correct food group, but hopeful that Malone was onto something. After all, meatballs are pretty delicious — especially when they're made using tricks from a pro.

One person reasoned that if the meatball is covered in tomato sauce, then it most certainly is a fruit.

Some people were just as confused as Malone and said that meatballs belong in other food groups.

In the end, the best comment may have come from a fan who told Malone, "it's not a fruit, it's a lifestyle."

Agreed. Great meatballs most certainly are a lifestyle.