The queen has a new favorite soup — and it sounds absolutely delicious

A new HBO documentary reveals the ins and outs of the queen's daily life.
Queen Elizabeth II in "Queen of the World"
Queen Elizabeth II in "Queen of the World"HBO
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Even though Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is 92 years-old, she's still embracing new cuisines from all over the world.

In fact, the queen even has a new favorite soup, according to the royal chef featured in a new documentary, "Queen of the World."

Earlier this year, Buckingham Palace invited eight people from the Caribbean who are rising stars in the hospitality industry to participate in a six-week program called The Caribbean Scholars initiative. The housekeepers, waitstaff and chefs came from eight of the 53 countries in the Commonwealth and experienced the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work within the royal household.

While the waitstaff refined their understanding of how to set tables at royal events (they really do use rulers!), the chefs got to cook in the palace's kitchen.

Queen Elizabeth II in "Queen of the World"HBO

"Every day this week, me and the Caribbean Scholars are going to feature one or two dishes from the Caribbean to give them a little taste to what we eat at home, give them that little experience as well," said chef Jared Forbes, Food Service Manager at Government House in Nassau, Bahamas.

Government House is the residence of the governor general of the Bahamas.

"It's a change, I guess, from what they're used to — from fish and chips," Forbes said. "I don't think that when my grandmother taught me to make this rice that she ever thought I'd be serving it at Buckingham Palace, so I'm quite proud of that."

The food prepared by Forbes and the other visiting chefs was a hit with the queen.

"A number of the Caribbean dishes were particularly well received," said royal chef Mark Flanagan.

And one dish was especially popular.


"The callaloo soup was an absolute sensation," Flanagan said.

Callaloo are amaranth greens, a high-protein plant that has a slightly sweet flavor. The soup is popular throughout the Caribbean and is often made with the finely chopped greens (sometimes taro greens are used in place of amaranth greens), plus onions and beef or pork.

In fact, the callaloo was enjoyed so much that the queen requested that it be served again in the future.

"I had email after email telling me that it must now feature more regularly," said Flanagan.

Her Majesty's newfound love for callaloo is just one of the fun and personal tidbits included in the new documentary.


Prince Harry, who is the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, greeted the Caribbean scholars and offered them a bit of advice: "If you bump into her [the queen] in the corridor, don't panic. I know you will. We all do."

Also in the documentary, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, took another look at her carefully preserved wedding dress and veil — and it was the first time she had seen the famous items since her wedding day.


The Duchess of Sussex also revealed the "something blue" she wore down the aisle, which will make every fan of the royal family say, "Aww." It was a small piece of fabric that the duchess wore on her very first date with Prince Harry, stitched carefully inside her dress.

"Queen of the World" premieres on HBO on Oct. 1 at 8 p.m. ET. The film will also be available on HBO On Demand, HBO Now, HBO Go and HBO's partners' streaming platforms after its premiere.

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