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Queen Elizabeth wants to know if shoppers 'cheat' at self-service checkouts

The royal delighted those around her with her mischievous question during an event celebrating the 150th anniversary of a British supermarket chain.
/ Source: TODAY

Queen Elizabeth never ceases to be amazed by technology.

The 93-year-old British royal spent time on Wednesday learning how to use the self-service checkouts at a Sainsbury’s grocery store.

In honor of the British supermarket chain's 150th anniversary, the queen made her way to London's Covent Garden to visit a pop-up that includes a replica of the original Sainsbury’s shop founded on Drury Lane in 1869.

Queen Elizabeth views self-checkout machine during visit to replica of one of the original Sainsburys stores
Queen Elizabeth views a shopping bag and a self-checkout machine during a visit to a replica of one of the original Sainsbury's stores in Covent Garden in London.JEREMY SELWYN / AFP/Getty Images

Inside, staff members escorted her around the market to show her the kinds of items — namely butter, milk and eggs —the original Sainsbury's sold.

She was also shown how things work at the store today.

Queen Elizabeth visits replica of one of the original Sainsburys stores
The British royal took a tour exploring the history of Sainsbury's.JEREMY SELWYN / AFP/Getty Images

Her Royal Highness' interest noticeably piqued when she was shown how shoppers today use their cell phones to pay for their purchases at self-service checkouts.

"And you can't trick it? You can't cheat?" she asked with a mischievous grin.

As those around the queen chuckled, it was explained to her that crafty customers may try to cheat, but Sainsbury's, like most grocery stores, takes precautions to make sure they're unsuccessful.

The queen's curiosity about modern shopping is just her latest move into the tech age.

Just last week, Buckingham Palace announced it was hiring a new digital communications officer, with a big part of the job devoted to handling the queen's social media accounts.

In early March she spent time learning about children’s computer coding initiatives at London's Science Museum — and then celebrated by posting her first pic on Instagram!

We can't wait to see what's next for Queen Elizabeth!