Put down that pizza! 4 foods you're eating the wrong way

By Amy Eley

Egg sandwiches, chicken wings, pizza and ice cream cones are some of the most elementary meals in the country, but most of you are eating them the wrong way.

As part of TODAY's Doing It Right series, the Cooking Channel’s Dan Pashman came by Studio 1A to show Matt Lauer the right way to eat these foods, and the importance of always having napkins nearby.

Scrambled egg sandwiches

Egg and cheese sandwiches are a popular meal for nearly any time of day, but when it comes to actually eating the classic meal, the light and fluffy scrambled eggs often fall with the first bite.

“It’s a painful experience,” Pashman told Matt. Fortunately, a few simple changes in the cooking process can make all the difference.


First, while scrambling your eggs, avoid putting milk in the eggs as this will produce a more dense egg.

To prep your sandwich, lay out a slice of bread and then add a layer of cheese, as it will serve as an adhesive between the eggs and the bread. Add your scrambled eggs to the sandwich, put on another layer of cheese, and top with a slice of bread. Add the sandwich back to the stove for a few minutes to melt the ingredients together, and enjoy the hearty and mess-free sandwich.

Chicken wings

“If you don’t know how to eat chicken wings, you lose your right to having opposable thumbs,” Matt said upon learning that many are eating chicken wings incorrectly. Prove yourself worthy of your thumbs by following these tips for munching on the popular appetizer.

Chicken wings typically come in two different forms: mini drumsticks and flat wings with parallel bones. While the drumsticks are easier to eat, the flat wings offer more bang for your buck.

“There’s a better fat-to-meat ratio, and a better meat-to-bone ratio,” Pashman explained. However, meat can often get stuck in between the two bones.

Pashman suggest two methods for setting the meat free. Grab the clean bone and pull it out, which gives you access to the meat. Or try his "meat umbrella" technique: Hold the wing by the small end, with the larger end on a counter top, and push the meat off the bone. 

Either way, expect to get a little sauce on your hands and have napkins close by.

Ice cream cones

Warmer temperatures are coming our way, and that means ice cream season is approaching as well. Next time you're dishing up an ice cream cone, take a small amount of ice cream and stuff it into the base of the cone instead of just putting a ball of the frozen treat on top. 

This way, the cone-to-ice cream ratio is intact, and you won't have to deal with a melted mess. 


Pizza slices

Many tackle pizza differently, but Pashman recommends the “inside-out fold” to maximize flavor: Fold the pizza so that your cheese is on the outside. “This puts the cheese and sauce on the outside and directly on your tongue,” he said. “It’s a totally different experience.”


Tune in to TODAY on Friday for more tips on Doing It Right! And while you're at it, check out the 3 mistakes you're making in the bathroom — and how to fix them.

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