Pumpkin spice cough drops?! Yes, they're here for a limited time at CVS

by Randee Dawn / / Source: TODAY

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The 2017 pumpkin spice march of domination continues!

So let's say you've already done your hair in pumpkin spice colors, applied all the pumpkin spice-inspired beauty products you can get your hands on, clothed yourself in pumpkin spice-colored outfits, gone out for a pumpkin spice latte (or coffee) and shared a few pumpkin spice Oreos, Peeps or any number of other food itemswith some like-minded friends.

After all that pumpkin spice overload, there's a chance you might be feeling ... not quite yourself. So, to the rescue: Pumpkin spice cough drops!

Yep, the orange menace (or delight, depending on how you look at it) that is dominating the country this season now comes in a cough drop form! You know, for when you need yet another pumpkin spice hit.

Image: The sign of a CVS Pharmacy store is pictured in Pasadena
The latest incursion into the flavoring of America: pumpkin spice cough drops.Reuters

CVS has graced us with just such an item for your scratchy throat, according to Candy Hunting, which displayed a bag discovered in the wild. Well, in aisle 3.

Is there nothing pumpkin spice can't touch? Stay tuned: The season is young and the spice must flow!

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