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Pringles teases new mystery chip flavor with a familiar twist

The latest trend in snacking is actually pretty sneaky.
/ Source: TODAY

Are you an adventurous eater? Well you're in luck because it seems the latest trend in snack mashups is not revealing what the mashup may be.

Whether it's Lay’s popular "Do Us A Flavor" contest or Oreo's fruity mystery cookie flavor, many of the latest snack launches are coming out with giant question marks. Now, Pringles has joined in on the fun with a contest that's pretty similar to Oreo's own guess-our-mystery-flavor-and-win-big contest.

Instagram snack expert the Junk Food Aisle recently posted about a new chip flavor hitting store shelves in Canada. But we don't know too much about it because, well, the can says it's a mystery!

Pringles Canada first tweeted about an upcoming contest to guess the new mystery flavor way back in June but the chips are starting to hit some store shelves now. If you can figure out the real inspiration behind the savory snack, you'll win $10,000 ... that's $10,000 Canadian dollars, so just under $8,000 USD.

We're all for a good food mystery but it seems this chip isn't super sneaky because many people appear to be coming up with a common consensus for the flavor:

Of course, it would make sense that a mystery flavor only available in Canada would end up being a famous Canadian dish. But only time will tell if all these tasters are correct.

A representative for Kellogg Canada, which owns the Pringles brand, told TODAY Food over email that the Pringles Mystery Flavor Challenge is open until Dec. 31, 2017, at which point the grand prize winner will be selected in Canada.

For now, the chips are only officially available in Canada but added that they're constantly looking to roll out new flavor combos so "you just never know when Pringles Mystery Flavour Chips could be hitting store-shelves south of the border!"