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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle receive a super cheesy engagement gift

The royal couple was presented with a five-tiered wedding cake made entirely of gourmet cheese wheels during a visit to Wales.
/ Source: TODAY

In December, the internet went totally bananas at the rumored possibility of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle serving a banana-flavored wedding cake at their upcoming nuptials in May.

But now, things have taken a pretty cheesy turn.

On Thursday, Harry and Markle paid a royal visit to Cardiff, Wales, where they were presented with a very unique wedding gift: a multi-tiered cake made entirely out of gourmet cheese wheels.

Courtesy Welsh Government

The Snowdonia Cheese Company, which is based in Rhyl, North Wales, gifted the prince and his bride-to-be a savory, five-tiered treat that included different rounds of locally made cheeses.

"The five-tier wedding cake consisted of Black Bomber Extra Aged Cheddar, Red Storm Vintage Red Leicester, Beechwood, a naturally smoked cheddar, and Green Thunder, an aged cheddar with garlic and garden herbs," Sue Beck, marketing manager for Snowdonia Cheese Company, told TODAY Food over email.

Beck says the company doesn't get requests for wedding cakes very often, but it does happen occasionally.

"We thought it would be a nice surprise for Harry and Meghan," she added, saying that the actress-turned-future-royal bride exclaimed, “Oh my goodness. How sweet is that?” upon seeing the cake.

And how did it actually taste? Markle reportedly said it was “really delicious” after she took a bite.

Getty Images

Though the cheesy cake was thoroughly enjoyed by the couple, since they traveled to Cardiff by train, they were unable to take the large cake with them when they departed.

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The concoction certainly gives new meaning to the idea of a cheesecake but this isn't the first time a cheesemonger has created a culinary masterpiece for a wedding.

Many couples have been ordering cheese cakes to celebrate the big day and social media is filled with plenty of examples of elaborately decorated cakes made from gorgeous wheels of cheese:

Of course, these days there are plenty of other options for creative couples to serve at their wedding receptions: from doughnut walls to wedding cakes made of pizza, it seems like the options are pretty-limitless for food-lovers in love.

But even with these off-the-wall food wedding cakes taking off, we're still banking on the royal couple sticking with something with bananas or a more traditional fruitcake.