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By Rebecca Davis

Norwegian food artist Ida Skivenes has made an entire career out of playing with her food — and eating it too. The 29-year-old foodie has been posting her cute, tasty creations to her Instagram account @idafrosk since June 2012 and has now amassed over 100,000 followers. Her recent popularity — including several press profiles — has even led to a book deal.

"I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined getting this kind of attention," Skivenes told “I don't have any culinary training. I'm just a regular girl who's passionate about food and art.”

Skivenes thinks food should be fun, tasty and healthy.Ida Skivenes / Today

In her latest series, "The Art Toast Project", Skivenes copied famous works from art history, including pieces by Jackson Pollock, Edvard Munch, Johan Vermeer and Andy Warhol, using toast as her trusty canvas. She is also working on recreating famous monuments from around the world, such as London's Big Ben (made from a cucumber sandwich), the Eiffel Tower (crafted from French toast, obviously) and a Greek salad Acropolis.

Of her food philosophy, Skivenes said she thinks food art should be "fun, tasty and for the most part healthy”. Everything she makes is made to be eaten — not just enjoyed with the eyes.

Her forthcoming book "Eat Your Art Out" — featuring both food art images and recipes — will be released this fall in both Norwegian and English editions.

"I'm so grateful for the chance to spread my love of food to an even wider audience," said Skivenes. "I'm just trying to grab the opportunities that arise, and see where they take me."

Food artist Ida Skivenes creates works of art from her daily breakfast meals.  Her instagram account which features her creations now has over 100,000 followers and a book deal coming later this year.