Latest food mash-up: Popeyes launches chicken and waffle mutation

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Popeyes Chicken and Waffle Tenders

Jumping on the food truck trend, and the popularity of chicken and waffles, Popeyes restaurants have launched an amazing new product: Chicken and Waffle Tenders.

Yes, if you've ever found using a fork and knife to eat your chicken and waffles in separate bites too challenging - or not delicious enough—Popeyes is here to save the day. The chicken tenders are seasoned, then fried in a waffle batter and served with fries and a biscuit.

Um...getting a little hungry.

Dick Lynch, chief global brand officer at Popeyes, tells Ad Age "Chicken and waffles is an incredibly trendy, popular and kind of unexpected [product] right now." This is the first in a series of limited "flavor proliferations" Popeyes is launching this year (wha???). Lynch declined to elaborate to Ad Age on further flavors, but we'd like to suggest Sriracha or maple honey. If anyone was wondering.

Would you chow down on Chicken and Waffle Tenders? If not, what flavors (if any) would try?

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