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Planters brings Mr. Peanut back to life in Super Bowl commercial

The iconic character had died just last month.
/ Source: TODAY

He’s alive!

Planters had people talking during Sunday's Super Bowl when it aired a commercial showing that Mr. Peanut had come back from the dead after he presumably died in an earlier ad. He had saved the lives of actors Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh.

In the Super Bowl commercial, Snipes is speaking at the character’s funeral, which is attended by several commercial icons, including Mr. Clean and the Kool-Aid Man, who sheds a tear of sadness that falls on the soil where Mr. Peanut is buried. The Kool-Aid tear causes a plant to immediately sprout and a baby Mr. Peanut is born!

The baby initially makes a series of noises that sound like a dolphin.

“Just kidding. I’m back,” he calmly says, while Snipes tears up his speech.

“Where’s my monocle?” the baby says as the commercial comes to a close.

The fate of Mr. Peanut has been up in the air for the last week. Last month, Planters had announced it was killing off the longtime mascot, but it had to hit the stop button its campaign a few days later after the death of Kobe Bryant.

The baby peanut is certainly embracing life.

“Hello world, I’m happy to be back! I can’t believe everyone came together for little old me!” read a tweet from the account of Baby Nut. “Reborn and bringing everyone together” reads the account’s description.

Twitter sure had some opinions on the reborn nut.

"Baby Yoda has some competition," wrote one person.

"RT if you think #BabyNut is the cutest baby on the internet," chimed in another person.

"everyone shut up and LOOK AT HIM. I think I love him more then literally anyone and anything ever," remarked another smitten person.

Not everyone is so in love with the resurrected character, though.

"KILL IT KILL IT QUICKLY," someone else commented.