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Planters Baby Nut is turning 21 and is now named Peanut Jr.

Planters’ famous character just celebrated a major milestone birthday.
Bye bye, Baby Nut!
Bye bye, Baby Nut!mrpeanut/Twitter
/ Source: TODAY

Baby Nut is getting a new look!

After making his debut in February, the younger version of the Planters mascot has transformed once again. On Tuesday, he officially turned 21 and, to celebrate, the pint-sized public figure has a more grown-up look and a new moniker: Peanut Jr.

Planters first hinted that a big change was coming on Monday night when the brand's official Twitter account posted a video of Baby Nut getting pulled into the ground by plants.

Naturally, fans were curious and began to speculate about what was about to happen.

Some thought Baby Nut might be a goner after being eaten up by the plants, but others held out hope that he would reemerge as Mr. Peanut once again. A few fans thought he might be getting his own action figure and one even wondered if he might get to become a father soon.

Planters further heightened fans' curiosity when the account posted a short video of a Google search that read: "Legs hurting growth spurt???"

The brand followed up with an adorable photo of Baby Nut with the caption, "Sometimes you must glow up in order to grow up."

On Wednesday, Planters unveiled Peanut Jr. in a short video that follows the character as he goes out to a bar to celebrate the milestone birthday with his first alcoholic drink. When the bartender takes a look at the birthday boy's ID, he gets a bit confused and says, "Wait, so you're telling me you fell off a cliff, came back to life as a baby and now you're 21?"

"Yeah, it's been a weird year," Peanut Jr. replies.

So, how did the character transform so quickly? According to a Planters spokesperson, Baby Nut hit a magical growth spurt and grew from a baby legume to a 21-year-old peanut man in just a few months.

To celebrate Peanut Jr.'s big transformation, Planters is giving away $2,100 to three lucky fans who recently celebrated or will soon have a birthday. The contest runs from Aug. 11 through Aug. 24, and all you have to do is share your dream birthday gift in 10 words or less on Twitter and include the hashtags #MakeMyBirthdayNuts and #Sweepstakes.

Baby Nut just turned into Peanut Jr.
Baby Nut just turned into Peanut Jr.Planters

Earlier this year, Planters' controversial decision to kill off the iconic Mr. Peanut before the Super Bowl was met with mixed reactions. The 104-year-old legume "died" in a car accident while saving his friends, played by actors Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh.

88th Annual Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade
Planters said goodbye to Mr. Peanut earlier this year.Noam Galai / WireImage

During the Super Bowl, Planters aired another commercial that showed Mr. Peanut come back to life as Baby Nut after the Kool-Aid Man shed a tear of sadness over his grave and caused a new plant to sprout.

Since then, many fans have struggled to embrace Baby Nut and some aren't convinced they like Peanut Jr. just yet.

Still, many fans were excited about the news and sent their well wishes to the birthday boy.

The folks at Miracle Whip even sent over a cheeky response, posting that "a miracle has occurred."

Happy Birthday, Peanut Jr.!