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Pizza Hut just launched giant Cheez-Its stuffed with pizza

It's a cracker. It's a pizza. It's everything.
Pizza Hut
/ Source: TODAY

If you've ever thought Cheez-Its needed just a bit more cheese to take those crisp cheddar crackers to the next level, get ready for a food invention that will bring you to your knees — because it's quite literally the cheese knees.

Pizza Hut and Kellogg's have collaborated to create Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza, a new dish that will be hitting Pizza Hut menus nationwide Tuesday. In a unique twist on pizza, the dinner item — or snack for four (or maybe just one) — looks more like a large cracker than a round pie.

Pizza Hut launches the ultimate, snackable pizza pie on Tuesday.Pizza Hut

Each pizza is made up of four jumbo squares that look like giant Cheez-It-shaped pillows. Each square is stuffed with cheese or a combo of cheese and pepperoni. They also come with marinara dipping sauce, but we have a feeling ranch lovers will be opting for a certain creamy dressing as a dipper.

The entrée-snack mashup is akin to a big mozzarella stick, or maybe a Hot Pocket that tastes like it's been covered in Cheez-It dust. Some might argue that the cheese-crusted concoction is more like a ravioli or a sandwich than an actual pizza — but we don't really need another food debate right now.

Pizza Hut said that the inspiration for the Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza came from a major demographic of its customers: college students. But the chain's creative team also thinks the new offering will be a win-win for orders during football games (Pizza Hut is an official sponsor of the NFL this year), or for families looking for an easy weeknight fix with a twist.

The dish, which is now available nationwide, costs $6.49. On Sept. 24, however, it will be added to Pizza Hut's $5 N' Up Lineup so customers will be able to order it for $6, as long as they purchase two or more additional items.

Now all people need is an affordable box of red wine to pair with their Cheez-It pizza.

Oh, wait, Cheez-It already did that.