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Pizza Hut mends broken heart of woman who was 'dumped and ghosted'

Pizza Hut might be cheesy, but so is love.
/ Source: TODAY

Some use ice cream to mend a broken heart. Others just love chocolate. And Ina Garten swears by the healing powers of lasagna.

But for one Australian woman, it was Pizza Hut that answered her lovelorn call with the promise of something delicious to ring in the weekend.

In the aftermath of a recent breakup, Australian writer Rosie Waterland vented to Twitter about her coldhearted ex.

Waterland, author of the bestselling book "The Anti-Cool Girl," spared no details when she decided to recount what happened to her nearly 20,000 followers. On Monday, she ousted her ex-boyfriend for his cruel breakup attempt, which she claims he did via messenger and then reportedly blocked her from all of his social media accounts.

Waterland received an array of compassionate remarks and girl power camaraderie from her followers.

But one big food brand decided that the best way to a woman's (broken) heart is through her stomach and gave Waterland something to look forward to.

After connecting with the writer through Twitter's direct messaging, Pizza Hut proclaimed they would be offering her an unspecified number of "her favorite pies" on Friday night.

Waterland was elated and posted that she is fine with accepting "any and all" free stuff with #noshame.

Of course, Pizza Hut is no stranger to special offers. The chain has offered free pizza and promotions for holidays like National Pizza Day, as well as National Pi Day last month. They also made a deal with football fans to provide free pies if the record for the fastest touchdown ever scored was broken during Super Bowl LII.

While the pizza empire's corporate headquarters has yet to confirm whether free food for a broken heart might actually be a new thing, others — who may or may not have been recently dumped — have been hoping to capitalize on Waterland's free pizza deal.