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You've probably been eating pizza wrong all along, according to this chef

Do you use a knife and fork, fold your pizza or just keep it flat?
/ Source: TODAY

Millions of people eat pizza every day but not everyone eats it the same way. How to best eat a slice of pie is an age-old debate.

And now one expert in Australia has just reignited the debate with his take on the best way to eat a traditional Neapolitan pizza.

The pizza, which is simply-made with mozzarella cheese, San Marzano tomatoes and basil, has a characteristically chewy crust. So some fanatics eat it by the slice, while others opt for forks and knives to cut through the doughy texture.

But Stefano Cirene, the chef and owner of Verace Pizzeria in Sydney, Australia, specializes in this pie which originates from Naples, Italy. His restaurant won the title for Australia's Best Pizza in last year's Pizza World Championship in Parma, Italy.

According Cirene, a true Neapolitan pizza is approximately 12 to 13 inches in diameter, is cooked for 90 seconds at 400 degrees and must be soft, elastic and easy to fold.

And fold it, he does. Cirene told that the way to properly eat a Neapolitan pizza comes from its Italian roots as portable meal.

"It was a street food to be eaten on the go, almost like a sandwich or portafoglio [wallet in Italian]," he said. "The would fold it, then fold it in half again, like a crepe."

That's right, folding fanatics. You now have official permission to fold your pie not just once, but twice.

Although we appreciate Cirene sticking to the pizza's historical roots, it doesn't look like the debate is going to be snuffed out by his expert advice any time soon, especially on Twitter. It's almost as hot as the continuous pineapple-on-pizza debate. And don't even get us started on how to carry a pizza.

One tweeter can't stand the thought of a folded slice.

But most people don't care how you dig into a slice, as long as it's not with utensils.

And some think eating a pizza with a fork and knife lead to strange drinking habits.

Then, of course, there are the non-traditionalists who stack two slices like a sandwich.

As long as you're enjoying the slice, we say eat it how you like!