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The Pioneer Woman shows off her fridge-cleaning skills — and we can't look away

Ree Drummond shares the mess of her post-holiday refrigerator and shows how she got that bad boy in order.
/ Source: TODAY

Do you ever dread opening your fridge for fear of what might fall (or jump) out? Well, you're in good company, as Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond recently took to Instagram to post about the sorry state of her fridge:

"The first three photos show the calamity that can result from Christmas break, college kids, video shoots, and just all around busy-ness and lack of fridge attention," Drummond wrote about her crammed-full fridge. "Bacon was in with the grapes, old sweet potato soup was languishing, dogs and cats were living together, and I basically dreaded opening my fridge."

But, you'll note from the post that instead of throwing up her hands and resorting to takeout, Drummond dug in and sorted that bad boy out.

"So yesterday afternoon I pulled it all out, removed and scrubbed the shelves, and put everything back in a more sane order," she says.

Possibly best part? Drummond saved herself a trip to the grocery store and saved money by cutting down on wasted food.

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"And aside from some old crusty jars of salsa and pickles, I hardly had to toss anything, which made me happy," she writes. "I wound up with a bunch of kale, spinach, arugula, a few other veggies I didn't know I had, a million strawberries, and I realized I can mark 'cheese' off my grocery list until the year 2029. The butter, on the other hand, might last until Saturday..."

"Inspiration!" and "Motivation!" were the common themes in the comments on Drummond's post. If you're similarly inspired, check out our guides to cleaning your refrigerator and keeping it organized.