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Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is writing a new cookbook — and she wants your help

The Food Network star is hoping to give fans exactly what they want in her next book.
/ Source: TODAY

From her hit Food Network show to a magazine, a marketplace and even boutique hotel in her tiny hometown of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, Ree Drummond is one of the most prolific DIY women out there.

But when it comes to her upcoming cookbook, the Pioneer Woman now wants to share a piece of the creative-process pie with her adoring fans.

The Pioneer Woman cookbook author truly pioneers with new recipes and new creative endeavors on her blog.Alamy Stock Photo

The author of five cookbooks and mother of four announced in a blog post Tuesday that she’s working on another book to debut next fall ... but there's a catch because this time she just needs a little help to get it together.

“I have a new cookbook coming out next fall (October 2019), and I’m getting ready to jump in and start the fun. But as I’m organizing thoughts and recipe ideas, I wanted to include you in the brainstorm by asking, in a nutshell: What would you like to see in the next PW cookbook?” Drummond posted.

While the star has a few “soooo tasty” recipes in mind already, according to her blog, she can “steer the cookbook in whatever direction” she chooses. Drummond hopes any cookbook buyers to-be will offer some delicious directions to help her whittle down some new dishes.

“Please jump in, weigh in, sock it to me, really let me have it!” wrote Drummond.

The friendly foodie could make her next project very general — with categories like breakfast, lunch and dinner — or ultra-focused, by highlighting slow-cooker recipes. Of course, we're sure no matter what's included, it will all be incredibly comforting.

She said some of her her fans may be longing for lighter alternatives to her classic Southern cooking, but acknowledged that might “knock the earth off its axis.” Drummond also said she would consider adding in cooking stories mixed with experimental tips.

Although Drummond gave her fans free reign for recommendations the celebrity chef told TODAY Food in October that she refuses to go near “anything involving bananas." So don't expect any recipes involving that newly popular ingredient!Monica Schipper / Getty Images

Judging by the comments from those following her blog, Drummond’s crowdsourcing campaign already has some major pickup. Despite her concern about taking a healthy approach, the cook may be moving in a “low-carb” direction after all, based on fans' commentary.

Whatever she does, it will all be done with her many admirers in mind.

“I actually put myself into the shoes of the people who will ultimately thumb through the pages and think 'Would I like this? Would I cook this? Would this make me chuckle? Are the ingredients clear? Are the instructions clear? What is the meaning of life? Why do I have fourteen junk drawers in my kitchen right now?'” Drummond wrote.

Jokes aside, the fun-loving food blogger seriously wants her fans to stain her next cookbook with overuse and tasty love. But we do know there's at least one sweet food she'll never be cooking up ... bananas!