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Pillsbury just released Lucky Charms cookie dough and it looks magically delicious

Hearts! Horseshoes! Clovers! Rainbows! Blue moons! ... on your cookies.
/ Source: TODAY

There are all sorts of traditions to summon luck in the new year — from black-eyed peas to long noodles — but the latest one comes in cookie form. Pillsbury just launched limited-edition, ready-to-bake Lucky Charms Cookies.

The magical dough was first spotted on store shelves by Instagram snack sleuth @thejunkfoodaisle, to many commenters' excitement. Pillsbury then confirmed its existence to TODAY Food.

The dough will feature five of the Lucky Charms marshmallow shapes (hearts! horseshoes! clovers! rainbows! blue moons!), meaning the cookies stand to not only be sweet and tasty, but also, perhaps most importantly, photo-ready.

One package will give you 12 "big" cookies, and a serving size is supposed to be one cookie, but definitely let your heart lead you on that one.

The limited-edition cookie dough has a retail price of about two for $5 and is already available at select retailers including Walmart, Kroger, Albertson Safeway, HEB, Bozzutos, SpartanNash and Supervalu, but will be rolling out nationally in January.

This cereal will only be around until April 2020, meaning it might be a good idea stock up. You never know when you may need some lucky cookies in the future!