Pick your poison! 10 spooky Halloween cocktail recipes

Spooky Halloween cocktails
Jack Deutsch

Want to mix up some scary-cool cocktails to serve at your Halloween party? Check out these 10 tasty, spooky drinks created by lifestyle expert Colleen Mullaney:

The Confession


No secrets are safe with this devilish concoction of gin, limoncello, peach and raspberry juice. Plastic spiders are optional—but highly recommended.

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Green with Envy Apple Margarita


Just a sip, my pretty! This is a delicious twist on a classic, made with green apple liqueur and a ghoulish green salt rim (just add a drop of food coloring to your regular margarita salt).

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Bloody Red Martini


Vampires everywhere would kill for this stellar martini, with its oozing bloody-red rim.

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Adapted from the Ruby Slipper in The Stylish Girl’s Guide to Fabulous Cocktails by Colleen Mullaney.

Witches' Potion


All eyes will be on your table when you serve this bubbling cauldron of purple Witches’ Potion. The secret is in the smoke, made from dry ice. (Please wear gloves and handle carefully!)

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Skeleton Sangria


Don’t be afraid to stir up this easy-to-make, sinfully delicious sangria. It’ll rattle your senses!

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Ghouls' Grog


One taste of these old-school gelatin shots and you’ll be screaming for more!

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Creepy Crawly Concoction


Kids will crave this nonalcoholic, bubbling brew of lemonade, mango and orange flavors. Add some gummy worm ice cubes and watch their skin crawl.

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Dark and Stormy


Ginger beer and dark rum blend together to make a killer cocktail! This classic drink is the perfect potion for All Hallow’s Eve.

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The Morticia


Can’t you just see Morticia and Gomez toasting the ghouls and goblins with one of these devilish champagne cocktails in hand? A whisper of black sugar on the rim makes it extra wicked. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

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Adapted from the Show Stopper in The Stylish Girl’s Guide to Fabulous Cocktails by Colleen Mullaney.

Ghoulish Grape Soda


Goblins of all ages will swoon over this grape-flavored mocktail. Add an easy-to-make foam ghost straw and sip to your devilish content.

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