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Is this the perfect piece of toast? People are divided over this buttered bread

Where do you fall on this food debate?
/ Source: TODAY

Have you ever stopped and wondered: What makes a piece of toast totally delectable? Does it need perfectly crispy edges? Just the right amount of spread? Or is it something else entirely?

One man believes he's perfected the art of toast making, and he took to Twitter earlier this week to share his masterpiece with the world.

On Monday, Twitter user @callumismyname0 posted a close-up photo of what he called "the perfect toast."

The slice in question was glistening with butter and had brown marks around all the edges. Admittedly, it was a fine-looking piece of toast.

The post sparked quite the debate with Twitter users and quickly garnered more than 400 comments and 72,000 likes. Many people were quick to applaud @callumismyname0's crispy creation.

Some went so far as to call it a piece of art.

Several Twitter users were eager for a video tutorial so they could learn this toast master's ways.

And some even shared their own recipe for the perfect piece of toast.

The buttery slice tempted quite a few people, but it didn't make everyone salivate. For instance, some thought @callumismyname0 was a little heavy-handed with the spread.

Others weren't totally sold on his choice of bread.

Some Twitter users thought the toast might need a little extra flavor.

And others felt that the slice was a little too flimsy.

This is far from the first bread debate to hit the internet. In 2017, people quickly took sides when Twitter user @hallamnation posted a photo showing three ways to slice a piece of toast: diagonally, horizontally or vertically. As it turned out, people had some pretty strong feelings on the subject.

The following year, bread lovers everywhere struggled to agree on the proper name for the end of a loaf of bread. It all started when British actor Stephen Mangan told Twitter users that he always uses the end of the loaf when making toast. Soon after, people started sharing their own pet names for the end of a loaf. From "knobby" and "ender" to "crust," "butt" and "nub," Twitter users had a lot of endearing terms for this often-neglected end of the loaf.

Lesson learned? People have some pretty strong feelings about how they make, slice and eat their bread! We'll toast to that.