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Perfect grilled steak, ribs, corn & more: 7 barbecue recipes from around the USA

From juicy corn on the cob to perfectly seasoned, tender steak, we've rounded up some of our favorite grilling recipes from Edible editors.
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From juicy corn on the cob to perfectly seasoned, tender steak, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite grilling recipes from Edible editors and publishers around the country.

The Perfect Reverse-Sear Grilled Steak
Shell B Royster

1. The Perfect Reverse-Sear Grilled Steak – Richmond, Virginia: Richmond may not have a “grilling” reputation like some other southern cities, but this town’s backyard barbecuers have perfected a technique for thick slabs of bone-in cuts from local Martin’s Angus Beef. This “reverse-sear” method of slow-cooking and then finishing with a high-heat sear controls the internal temperature for even cooking. For the best flavor, buy as fat-marbled a steak as you can afford, and cook steaks bone-in over real hardwood or charcoal, which cooks hotter, sears better and imparts more smoke than a gas grill.

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Elote (Mexican Street Corn)
Doug Young

2. Elote (Mexican Street Corn) – Long Island, NY:The simpler the better had been Edible Long Island Editor Betsy Davidson’s mantra when it came to corn. Boiled in a large pot of water and served with salt, pepper and lots of butter had been the norm in her family — that is until her daughter married a Texan, who let the family in on his favorite Mexican street corn recipe. Cooked on the grill and then smothered in a fresh mayonnaise-based cream, this recipe will guarantee you’ll never go back to boiled corn again.

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Watermelon Ribs
Ron Manville

3. Watermelon Ribs – Nashville, TN: Years ago, Senior Pitmaster George Harvell of Loveless Cafe in Nashville was working on a movie set when a Cajun chef tossed watermelon onto the ribs Harvell was braising. At first nonplussed, Harvell was soon persuaded; watermelon ribs were good. Now, some 20 years and many iterations later, Harvell has perfected the Loveless’s watermelon ribs to the point that they sell out every Thursday. To replicate them at home, smoke some ribs (or buy some), slather with your favorite barbecue sauce and top with watermelon chunks.

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Pork Chops with Sweet and Spicy Peperonata
Michael Fornataro for Edible Allegheny

4. Pork Chops with Sweet and Spicy Peperonata – Pittsburgh, PA: A favorite in Pittsburgh, pork chops represent the essence of the city’s cherished warm months and summer's rite of passage — barbecuing. Playing up the seasonality of spicy banana peppers, sweet red bell peppers and the ever-essential jalapeño, Jessica Bauer, executive chef at Altius, takes pork chops to the next level by serving them with sweet and spicy peperonata. Pair them with a seasonal, grill-able veggie, and your favorite white wine.

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Grilled Grouper Reuben
Charlotte Abrams

5. Grilled Grouper Reuben – Sarasota, FL: In Sarasota, grouper is a readily available and treasured local fish and is the base of this grilled sandwich. Top the grouper with raw sauerkraut and a totally doable DIY sauce spiked with spicy horseradish and you've got a delicious go-to summer dinner.

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Righteous Barbecued Ribs
Anne Livingston

6. Righteous Barbecued Ribs – Seattle, WA: The plums that grow well in the maritime climate of Puget Sound give the barbecue sauce in this recipe a complex sweetness that will win over even the most ardent advocates of Texas-style barbecue. This recipe works well with both back ribs (sometimes called baby back or loin back ribs) or spareribs.

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Coal Roasted Corn with Pesto Rouge
Valarie Carter

7. Coal Roasted Corn with Pesto Rouge – Tulsa, OK: Pesto on roasted corn makes for a dreamy combo. Edible Tulsa Editor Valarie Carter made her own “elote” corn by smearing it with pesto and sprinkling with goat cheese. Making the pesto is a lot easier than it seems, especially if you use a food processor. by Valarie Carter

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