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Is this the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe?

The perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe has been a myth, but ChefSteps claims it's discovered the secret. Al, Tamron and Jenna try it.
/ Source: TODAY

Burnt bottoms, dry dough, uneven chocolate chunk distribution. That's often the way the cookie crumbles — literally. The perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe has been a myth, but the folks behind ChefSteps claim they've figure out the secret to making this traditional favorite consistently flawless.

It's all about understanding how each step, and each ingredient, affects the results. The biggest takeaway? Chocolate chips don't cut it!

Al, Tamron and Jenna gave these supposedly perfect cookies a try. The verdict? They weren't quite sold that the cookies were the best they'd ever had, but that didn't stop them from chowing down.

Check out the sweet secret to making the most perfect chocolate chip cookie and decide for yourself.

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