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Pepsi remixes 'Grease' classic for fun new ad with Doja Cat

The 25-year-old rapper and singer gives “You’re the One That I Want” a fresh twist in a splashy new ad for Pepsi.
/ Source: TODAY

Fifty years after the stage musical launched and 44 years after “Grease” made it to the big screen, Pepsi has teamed up with Doja Cat to send a new generation back to Rydell High.

On Friday, the company dropped an online ad for its limited-edition, retro-themed Soda Shop line that sees the 25-year-old rapper and singer channel her inner Sandy Olsson, as she belts out “You’re the One That I Want,” a classic track first made popular by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. The line features two new classic flavors: black cherry and cream.

The Pink Ladies are back with a hotter pink and a new attitude.
The Pink Ladies are back with a hotter pink and a new attitude.Pepsi

"Working with Pepsi on this remake of 'You're the One that I Want' has been surreal," Doja said in a release shared with TODAY Food. "It's such an iconic song and brand, so to have the creative license to put my own spin on it for the launch of Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; I had to be a part of it."

Despite the familiar sights of the Pink Ladies and the bad boys of the T-Birds in the music-video ad, this isn’t the same old 1950s setting of the original productions.

Pink Ladies!
Pink Ladies!Pepsi

If the modern hot rods and hip-hop dance moves didn’t give that away, then Doja Cat’s nod to the iconic Sandy makeover scene from “Grease” certainly does.

"I just remember seeing that Sandy as a kid and that just basically defining my existence, so in that moment, I was like, 'I need to be here (doing the commercial),'" Doja told Billboard, of her love of the "bad" Sandy look. "I love that movie so much."

Is Danny Zuko still the one that Sandy wants?
Is Danny Zuko still the one that Sandy wants?Pepsi

Rather than simply donning the plain black leather and satin ensemble that Newton-John tried on to impress Travolta’s Danny Zuko in the big-screen version and uttering the memorable line, “Tell me about it, stud,” the “Need to Know” singer’s Sandy stepped out in all-leather garb that was completely covered in metal studs.

But as her Danny soon found out, when she belted out the lyrics about the one she wants, the one that gives her chills that are electrifying, she wasn’t even talking about him — instead, she had her eyes set on the can of Pepsi Soda Shop cream soda in his hand.

She takes it, leaving the “stud” to wonder what went wrong in this love story.

Doja Cat's Sandy gets exactly what she was looking for in a new ad for Pepsi's Soda Shop line.
Doja Cat's Sandy gets exactly what she was looking for in a new ad for Pepsi's Soda Shop line.Pepsi

The funny ad is set to air in its entirety during Sunday night’s MTV Music Video Awards, where Doja Cat will serve as host.

"I sing, but I feel like I have a lot of trouble singing certain things, even my own songs. This was one of those songs where I had to really push and find different parts of my singing ability to make it happen," Doja also told Billboard. "Back then, music was so different and so carefully done. It wasn't just loops and beats, which is why I feel like this was a bit harder for me. I can't believe I was able to kind of hit some of those notes because it's a very difficult song to sing. I'm happy about it."

To watch the Pepsi ad featuring Doja Cat, head here.