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Pepsi's latest flavor sounds like heartburn

This new Pepsi flavor will light up your taste buds.
/ Source: TODAY

UPDATE: Our biggest fears have been confirmed. According to a press release from PepsiCo, the cinnamon-flavored soda, which the company is trying to proclaim the "hottest drink of the summer," will indeed be released nationwide in both bottle and can form — but, thankfully, they'll only be sold through the end of June.

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Do your taste buds prefer a little heat? Then you might be excited to hear about Pepsi’s new limited-edition cinnamon flavor called “Fire.”

The soda company is testing out the new product in select 7-Eleven stores in Michigan, according to Grubstreet. But even there, you’ll only find it as a flavor of Slurpee — it’s not available in can form, at least for now.

Food Instagrammer Eric Koenreich who runs the account @poweredbyicecream taste-tested the drink, but wasn't too impressed. He likened the flavor to Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. “I’ve had a lot of bad memories with Fireball Whisky,” he said. “And unfortunately this tastes very similar to Fireball Whisky, albeit without the booze. It’s not something I want to drink sober, anyways.” He gave the Slurpee a five out of 10 rating.

Others weren’t into the drink either. Instagram user @tim_fizz gave the drink four thumbs down, but said he has high hopes for a canned version of Pepsi Fire.

While the cans are not confirmed, some have spotted them in foreign markets like Mexico, Singapore and the Philippines. According to Grubstreet, rumors are swirling that the U.S. might be next.

One Instagram account even posted a picture of what appears to be the prototype and hinted that the cans could come in 2017’s third quarter. Whatever the date, Pepsi Fire sounds like heartburn to us.


This post was originally published May 10, 2017.