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Travis Kelce ate a 12-person pizza in what his brother Jason called ‘the most impressive physical feat’

The Super Bowl champ said he probably wouldn’t take down 30 slices again.
Travis Kelce, Pizza
Travis Kelce once ate an entire Bearcat — a 30-slice pizza — at Adriatico’s in Cincinnati, Ohio.FilmMagic, @adriaticosclifton via Instagram

Jason and Travis Kelce are no strangers to talking about food. Whether it’s chugging beers at a football game, promoting hot sauce or sharing the cookies their mom Donna makes before a big game, it’s a welcome topic.

In the March 3 episode of their podcast “New Heights,” the Kelce brothers promoted ticket sales for their upcoming live show in Cincinnati, Ohio, on April 11.

“I can’t wait,” Travis said of heading back to his and Jason’s college town to see fans and chat with his big brother in person rather than on a video call.

What’s the first thing on Travis’ to-do list? A visit to Adriatico’s New York Style Pizza.

The Ohio-based pizza restaurant serves everything from wings to salads, sandwiches to desserts and, of course, a variety of pizzas.

Jason asked whether his brother would be ordering what the restaurant calls a “Bearcat”: a 30-slice rectangle pie meant to feed 10 to 12 people. The pizza is 18-by-24 inches — labeled as “Huge” on the menu — and costs $37.99.

His instinct was to immediately reply, “Yep,” but the 34-year-old football player walked it back within seconds, realizing it might be a bit too much for him these days.

“I’ve seen you eat a full Bearcat by yourself, which was an impressive feat,” Jason said.

“And I was bigger than you [are] right now,” Travis responsed. Jason agreed, calling his brother “enormous” at the time.

“It might have been the most impressive physical feat I’ve ever seen you do,” the 36-year-old said of Travis, who has three Super Bowls under his belt.

Travis said he weighed 285 pounds at the time of this meal takedown, but that he later “got back down to 250 and won a Super Bowl the next year.”

While Cincinnati is filled with food memories for the brothers, Travis will soon be sharing his appetite with the Kansas City restaurant scene. The Super Bowl champion is partnering with teammate Patrick Mahomes and global hospitality group Noble 33 to open up 1587 Prime, a steakhouse set to open in 2025 in their team’s city.