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'Reeree to the rescue!!' Ree Drummond shows she's 'the most capable' in new home videos

"The Pioneer Woman" is demonstrating just how instrumental she is to the family ranch!

Ree Drummond is letting everyone know she’s the lifeblood of her family’s Oklahoma ranch!

In a series of videos over the last few days, “The Pioneer Woman” has demonstrated firsthand how instrumental she is not only to the ranch, but to her family, too. On Friday, February 4, Drummond shared a short video on Instagram of her husband, Ladd Drummond, driving his truck around the ranch. 

“What happened?” she asked from behind the camera, earning a chuckle from her husband.

“I got stuck in the pond. I was trying to put my front tires in to break the ice because I don’t have mud tires … I got a little too far in the pond," Ladd explained.

“I have an important question,” Drummond said. “Who did you call to come rescue you?”

Her husband immediately began laughing, which seemingly answered the question without having to say a word, though he did finally respond, “The most capable person I know.”

“Reeree to the rescue!!” the couple’s 22-year-old daughter, Paige, commented on the video.

One commenter wrote, “How wonderful that you have the video and audio proof that he needs you and thinks you’re capable!!”

“This is so classic of you two,” another fan wrote. “He knows who the real MVP is on the ranch 🤠.”

On Saturday, Drummond shared another video on Instagram showcasing her skills. This time, she took on the task of breaking up the ice on the creek, as captured on camera by her 18-year-old son, Todd. Drummond didn't confirm if it was the same ice her husband had been trying to break with his truck.

In the video, she was decked out in her warmest winter clothes as she grabbed an axe and began striking the ice, hacking it up into pieces and dragging them out of the water. At one point, she even refused a shovel, exclaiming, “No, I don’t need no stinking shovel!”

“Honestly don’t know how this place would ever survive without me,” she captioned the post. “Todd, stop laughing.”

Drummond explained to one curious commentator that the creek was the water source for some cattle, so she was "breaking a hole" so they could drink.

“At least you didn’t get it stuck in the pond and need rescuing!” one person commented, referring to Ladd’s pond predicament from the day before.

Another person wrote, “A woman’s work is never done!”

Not only does Drummond come to the rescue for her family and the animals, but she’s also there to pacify any situation, even in her kitchen. Last month, Drummond had a hilarious response to some viewers who have criticized her in the past for “the lack of professionalism” on her Food Network show,

In a minute-long clip shared to her Instagram, Drummond was serving up her pot pie, which caused a playful fight between her daughter, Paige and Paige's husband, Mauricio Scott, on who would get the first bite. Paige tried to push Mauricio out of the way, eventually catching him in a gentle headlock as he reached for the pan. Finally, Drummond gently suggested a compromise that left both newlyweds happy.

“While most of the feedback I receive on our self-shot cooking show is positive, I do hear from the occasional viewer who takes issue with the lack of professionalism and decorum displayed in the kitchen," she wrote. "I used to read those messages and scratch my head, not really understanding what they meant…but then I watch a clip like this and totally get it."