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Hilarious feud about Pyrex goes viral: ‘You don’t send glass Tupperware with guests’

#Pyrexgate is a food storage feud for the ages, thanks to friends and comedians Amber Wallin and Fannita Leggett.

When you give a guest your best Tupperware, at some point, the guest should return the container ... or should they? For two women, that debate became the center of a hilarious saga.

On Jan. 17, TikToker, comedian and podcast host Amber Wallin (@burr_iam) posted a video about an issue she had involving her husband Ben, her friend and a glass storage container.

“Marriage is a beautiful thing but it’s also a horror show,” she says in the initial video. “Will somebody, somebody, somebody please tell my husband that you don’t send glass Tupperware with guests.” 

“You give guests plastic Tupperware,” she continues, growing more exasperated by the minute. “Fannita! Bring back my glassware. Ben don’t know the rules.”

The "Fannita" she's referring to is fellow funny person Fannita Leggett. And once she got wind of Wallin’s public plea, she took to TikTok to respond.

"Y’all know what’s actually funny? When Ben was making me my plate and I seen the glass Tupperware, I was like, 'Ben, you know I’m Black, right? If you give me that, you’re not getting it back,'" Leggett says through laughter in the rebuttal video, referring to the mostly unspoken rules in the Black community surrounding reusable plastic containers. (Sometimes it is written about on social media, though.)

“Amber, I’m so sorry but you got got. I hit a lick. I’m sorry you’re not getting it back. I done came up,” Leggett says, cackling about her ill-gotten gains.

“And the pasta was actually really good. Ben, you did a great job. I scarfed that down,” she adds, ending the video with a thank you, a stuck-out tongue and a peace sign. ( confirmed that Ben made his famous pork ragu, complete with Italian spices over rigatoni.)

If you thought that would be the end of this food storage feud, you would be wrong. A month later, on Feb. 18, Wallin updated the curious public on the latest chapter of #Pyrexgate.

“I want to say good morning to everyone — except Fannita,” Wallin says, adding that she had just returned from a morning two-mile walk, freshly blended smoothie in hand.

“I want to extend an extra special good morning to who? Pyrex!” she continues, pulling a Pyrex box into view. “Because Pyrex has graciously decided to send me some new glassware. What say you, Fannita?”

That same day, Leggett issued her response — with a plot twist.

“Amber. I am the head honcho,” Leggett says with a chortle in her response TikTok while holding — gasp — her own box of Pyrex containers. “Pyrex saw me steal from your home and your child and rewarded me for being a f---ing thief.”

Leggett touts the benefits of “never being the good guy” while continuing to gloat. "Bad people win. I’m a known thief on the internet and they still gave me the hookup."

Well, what was Pyrex thinking, exactly, sending free product to a "known thief"?

“We knew we had to instigate- INTERVENE, to help two friends out,” a Pyrex spokesperson tells via email. “Of course, we had to send our favorite Pyrex® glass storage set to both of them, we don’t play favorites. The only thing Pyrex® doesn’t store well is a grudge! We love bringing people together and can’t wait for Ben to post his recipe that started it all!”

Wallin tells she’s glad her and Leggett’s playfully public feud is bringing attention to the issues that truly matter: container etiquette.

“I think at this point, it’s an unspoken rule that plastic Tupperware is what guests get, like when you order takeout,” Wallin says, adding that she and her family moved to Los Angeles from Chicago last year, which is when they started inviting Leggett over for dinners and hangouts.

“I’ve been a working actor and comedian for a couple years now, so I’ve taken Fannita under my wing. I’ve welcomed her into my home. And my husband is completely aloof,” she says, adding that she’s told her husband several times in the past about these rules, and was out of the room tending to her little one when the incident occurred.

According to the Tupperware-taker herself, this whole thing would have gone unknown to everyone if she hadn't sent a “thanks for the food” text.

“I accidentally dropped the dime on Ben,” Leggett tells “I’m the one that exposed him because after I finished the food, I sent a picture of the bowl to Amber and I was like, ‘Tell Ben the food was really good.’ Like, it didn’t cross my mind.”

Leggett says she took a nap after sending the message, all the while Amber was already going viral with her video. “I woke up and she made a video about it. I was cry-laughing … I thought it was so funny,” she says.

Since Pyrex rewarded both sides of this saga with food storage, and both parties went viral elsewhere on the internet, there have been more developments in the story. The pair has posted a trio of videos, all receiving hundreds of thousands to millions of views. 

In one video, Wallin says she’s suspicious of her friend canceling plans to come over again, to which Leggett responded by boisterously enjoying Lucky Charms in her stolen Pyrex container.

Wallin appears to be rallying, however. In another video, she instructs her adorable infant child to wake her sleeping husband up for their next battle.

“We gotta get our lick back from Fannita,” she says.

“She knows I love her dearly. She’s really like my little sister,” Wallin says, reflecting on how invested the internet is on the status of their friendship. Regarding the current state of the feud, however, Wallin has ominous words for her friend: “Winter is coming."

“Obviously, me and Amber, we love each other, we hang out all the time, even after the Tupperware was gifted — let me say that so that’s on the record,” Leggett says, adding that they’ve hung out since the first video dropped in January. “We are just shocked that so many people are actually invested in this one piece of glassware.”

When asked about Wallin’s warning, Leggett’s tone becomes somber, pensive … ready for war.

“One thing about Fannita is I’m never scared of anybody. And I’m damn sure not scared of Ben,” Leggett says. “If she wants to come to Winterfell and get her lick back, I’m here. I’m here with the dragon.”