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Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen travel down memory lane in new Super Bowl ad

Lay's potato chips have kept them close through turf wars, airplane disasters and haunted houses.
/ Source: TODAY

Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen haven't just been in a bunch of movies together (including "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," "This Is the End" and "Knocked Up") — no, when the chips are down, these two guys have always had each other's backs.

Of course, the chips haven't been down much for them, because as a new ad for Lay's potato chips — set to air during Super Bowl 2022 on Feb. 13 — the crispy snacks have always been there to carry them through some incredible adventures!

The ad — which is part of Lay's first Super Bowl campaign in 17 years — starts off with the two looking hunky in tuxedos, sitting outside on some steps and snacking on a classic bag of the potato chips. "Brings back so many good memories," says Rogen, taking a sample.

Memories? Do tell!

Who knew a bag of chips could take out a street fighter?
Who knew a bag of chips could take out a street fighter?YouTube

What unfurls over the next 60 seconds are flashbacks to the time the two went on a road trip and snacked while singing to Shania Twain; the time they were held in a basement bunker by a creepy stalker (who did serve them bags of chips, let's be fair); and the time they were able to use a bag of chips as a weapon in a turf war.

Oh, and let's not forget the time they were sharing a row on a jostling airplane and breathing into empty Lay's bags. That was the moment Rudd admitted he's never seen any of Rogen's films.

Berets, Shania Twain and chips. A perfect moment.
Berets, Shania Twain and chips. A perfect moment.YouTube

"Not even the ones we were in together?" Rogen asks, incredulous.

Ah, good times. Good, salty times.

A teaser for the ad dropped on Jan. 27, showing the guys in the car against a blue screen; Rogen is still in shocked mode when he notes to Rudd, "We're teasing commercials now? That's a thing?"

"Yeah, like a movie trailer," says Rudd, never taking his eyes off the "road."

But you'll have to tune in on Feb. 13 to the Super Bowl, which starts at 6:30 p.m. ET on NBC, to see the whole thing … and to see just who's getting married and what it has to do with that snarling wraith the two stumbled on (with Lay's close at hand, of course).

Or you can just watch the full ad, linked above!