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Kim Kardashian responds after fans call her out for ‘fake chewing’ in Beyond Meat ad

"Guys, come on...," she posted on her Instagram story, with proof that she actually ate the food.

After being called out for potentially fake chewing in her new Beyond Meat ad, Kim Kardashian responded to the backlash by posting some behind-the-scenes clips on her Instagram story of herself biting into — and seeming to enjoy — the food.

In the clips, which were also shared on Beyond Meat's Twitter,, Kardashian can be seen taking a bite out of a cheeseburger after she removes the top layer of the bun.

"I’m getting rid of some of the carbs," she says, discarding the top bun before sinking her teeth in. "So good!"

In another clip, the company shows Kardashian trying out Beyond Sausages and Beyond Chicken Tenders — and in every scene, she noticeably took a bite out of the food.

"Just gonna leave this here and walk away from the computer," Beyond Meat captioned the video on Twitter.

And Kardashian wrote, "Guys, come on... 🍔," when she posted the clips on her story.

Last week, Beyond Meat revealed that Kardashian was its first "Chief Taste Consultant" when she appeared in a promotional video for the company that makes plant-based meat products.

“I’ve stepped in to help with my greatest asset. My taste,” Kardashian proudly announces in the clip.

In the video, which was a little different from the behind-the-scenes clips, Kardashian can not really be seen eating the food. In one scene, she throws her head back and chews when there isn't a visible bite taken from the burger.

"Kim Kardashian fake-chewing a beyond meat burger that has no bite taken out of it is making me spiral," one person tweeted.

Another said that Kardashian's reaction in that clip was as "fake as that food they want to call 'meat.'"

In the rest of the original video, Kardashian is also seen apparently enjoying some tacos, sausages and chicken tenders. But she's never seen taking an actual bite.

In response to the backlash about the commercial, Beyond Meat issued a statement to TODAY Food about why the company chose Kardashian for its ad.

“When we said Kim’s greatest asset is her taste, we meant it," they said. "Of course, she eats Beyond Burgers (and Beyond Chicken Tenders and Beyond Sausages…) in real life and on set. That’s just one of the reasons why we love her and named her our Chief Taste Consultant."

And now, with the newly released behind-the-scenes clips, the company has the receipts to prove it.