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Justin Timberlake reveals his favorite cereals and fans are divided

"This is so controversial justin," one fan wrote.

Justin Timberlake is serious about cereal.

On April 26, the pop star replied to a fan on TikTok who asked what his favorite cereal was. The very serious inquiry came after Timberlake previously uploaded a video of himself happily enjoying a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for dinner. In his reply, the “Paradise” singer graciously went one step further, providing a ranking of his personal favorites.

“Top five cereals, I’m gonna give them to you right now,” Timberlake says in his video.

He then reaches off-screen to grab No. 5: Honey Nut Cheerios. “It’s a staple. Good for your heart. This box says, ‘dad,’” says the father of two.

The 10-time Grammy award winner then reveals his No. 4, which is Frosted Flakes, adding he prefers sliced bananas on top.

He continues, stating his No. 3 cereal of all time is Fruity Pebbles. “You don’t want to dump too much before you eat them because they do get soggy,” he warns. “What a treat.”

Timberlake offers a tip along with his No. 2, Captain Crunch. “This one you want to dunk extra,” he advises. “Otherwise, rest in peace to the roof of your mouth.” 

After performing a little drumroll, the “Cry Me a River” singer reveals his ultimate top pick.

“The G.O.A.T. of cereals: Cinnamon Toast Crunch,” Timberlake says, before accurately singing the cereal’s jingle from the 1980s, proving to viewers he is a serious and lifelong fan. “And there you have it!”

Interestingly, in French-speaking parts of Canada — Timberlake is kicking things off for his Forget Tomorrow World Tour on April 29 in Vancouver — Cinnamon Toast Crunch is known as “Croque-Cannelle.” Maybe that’s why he wrote a “shout out to Croque” in his original cereal-centric TikTok.

“You just carry them around with you?” the cameraman behind the ranking video asks Timberlake off-screen.

“Who knows when the feeling might strike you,” the singer replies. “This is important, very important.”

The pop star cheekily captioned his now-viral video, “To be clear… this is not an ad. Cereal is just important to me.” With 2.5 million views and nearly 10,000 comments, the iconic breakfast item seems to be important to many of his fans, too.

“This is so controversial justin,” one fan wrote. Timberlake replied to the fan with a laughing emoji.

“I’m offended… Captain crunch with berries is superior,” wrote another TikTok commenter. “But fine I agree with this top 5.”

“I have questions 😂 don’t sleep on Raisin Bran!” wrote another commenter. “Honorable mention at least.”

“Apple Jacks not on this list is a CRIME sir,” wrote another, to which one more added, “I was surprised fruit loops not in here but yes apple Jack’s too.”

“No lucky charms? Sorry we can’t be friends.😏” wrote another fan.

“You’re in you cereal era lmaoo,” wrote one fan on Twitter, where Timberlake also posted his top five list.

Timberlake is set to perform in 22 cities in North America this spring and summer on the first leg of his tour. The “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” singer will begin in Vancouver before traveling around the continent making stops in Seattle, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and more.