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Jenna Ortega credits her love of spicy food to her sixth grade art teacher

The “Wednesday” actor is starring in her first-ever Super Bowl commercial for Doritos during this year’s big game.
/ Source: TODAY

Jenna Ortega is bringing the spice to the Super Bowl this year.

In the Doritos ad, which is set to air during Super Bowl 58 on Feb. 12 and exclusively premiered on TODAY, the “Wednesday” star is front and center to reveal the brand’s spicy Dinamita chip.

Speaking to, Ortega, whose favorite Doritos flavor is “whatever has the most kick,” says there’s “not really” a limit to the level of spice she can handle.

Jenna Ortega credits her love of spicy food to her sixth grade art teacher
Courtesy Doritos

“I think spice only really gets me when I’m in a vulnerable state. I think I’m feeling like particularly sensitive or emotional, I might react a little bit more,” she says. “I love spice so much — probably to a fault.”

Ortega memorably didn’t react to any level of heat during her “Hot Ones” episode, in which she was asked to eat spicy wings while being asked a variety of questions. But the love for spice doesn’t run in the family.

“If I put hot sauce on something or add jalapeños or chiles or something, my siblings look at me like crazy,” she adds.

The actor hasn’t let it stop her from enjoying the heat, though. Her favorite snack, she says, combines all the spice with some salt.

“I love popcorn. I’ll dip popcorn in jalapeño juice or I’ll put jalapeños in my popcorn,” Ortega reveals.

The Super Bowl commercial, which is Ortega’s first, meant more to the 21-year-old, as she says she grew up snacking on Doritos.

Watch the commercial here:

“Well, see, I’m Mexican. And I went to public school. So I feel like all you can do during lunchtime — I never pack lunches or anything — but you just pick off of your friends’ food,” Ortega says.

Ortega explains that her love for the snack came from her sixth grade art teacher, who had a “hot chips stand” that featured Doritos.

“Me and my friends after school would just sit outside on the benches and eat that,” Ortega says. “My stomach was probably crying, but I loved it so much.”

Jenna Ortega credits her love of spicy food to her sixth grade art teacher
Courteous Doritos

In the ad, Ortega is grocery shopping with her grandmothers when she walks away and they find a bag of Doritos’ Dinamitas. As they reach for the last bag, another man sweeps through and snags the chile-lemon snack.

The grandmas, named Dina and Mita, then go on a wild goose chase to obtain the coveted bag of Doritos while Ortega continues wandering the grocery store looking for them.

After thinking he escaped Dina and Mita’s efforts, the man takes his first bite of the chip and says, “Oh, that’s dynamite.”

Gliding down together on a zip line to knock the man down and obtain the chips, the grandmothers say, “It’s not dynamite, it’s Dinamita.”

Finally, Ortega reappears, saying, “Abuelas, I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” before grabbing the bag of chips and walking away.

Watch the extended version of the commercial here: