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Chloe Kim asks reporters for snacks after competing for gold: ‘I’m starving’

After winning gold at the Beijing Olympics, what does Chloe Kim want? Food, of course.

After competing for Olympic gold, Chloe Kim has one thing on her mind: food.

Four years after her iconic tweet from the top of the Pyeongchang course about being "hangry" after (regrettably) not finishing her breakfast sandwich, the now two-time Olympic gold medalist was feeling a bit peckish at a press conference following her morning competition.

"Also, if anybody has some snacks in their pockets, maybe?" she asked the room, sheepishly, after answering a reporter's question. "I'm starving. It's lunchtime."

Reporters, press officers and media center workers began handing over chocolate bars, crackers and other goodies they had in their pockets. They also offered for her to eat right then, but she declined.

"It's not a hurry," she said. "I'll eat this in a bit."

Kim left the press conference with all the sustenance she needed to win the final run. And hours later, she did, becoming the first woman to win back-to-back Olympic gold medals in snowboard halfpipe. But, once again, Kim's next mission was finding food.

"Maybe I can get some mac and cheese," shetold a reporte following her win.r "That’s been kind of a hot commodity out here."

Aside from her serious snowboarding skills, Kim is known for her mid-competition food cravings. During the 2018 Pyeongchang Games, she tweeted between runs that she "could be down for some ice cream rn," and then later won her first gold medal.

Kim later tweeted that she had eaten two "pretty bomb" churros which helped with her nerves.

Following Kim’s Beijing win, fellow Olympic athletes such as Alex Morgan, Ashley Wagner and Gabby Thomas sent their congrats to the snowboarder — but not without shouting out Kim’s favorite sugary snack.

The snowboard halfpipe was Kim’s only competition this Olympics, but we know that will not stop her from snacking.