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Ben Affleck says he almost got fired from a Burger King commercial as a teen

Before his Dunkin' days, he was a Burger King guy.

Ben Affleck has considerably stepped up his fast-food commercial game over the past few decades.

A longtime Dunkin' loyalist, Affleck has recently been spotted in commercials for the coffee and doughnut chain: He did two of 'em for the Super Bowl, and another one earlier this month in which he’s mistaken for his best friend, Matt Damon.

But as a teenager, he was almost fired from a Burger King commercial, he said recently on "The Drew Barrymore" show, in a clip posted to YouTube April 21.

The audience had just seen the commercial that the "Air" director acted in when he was 17, applauding as he virtually joined Drew Barrymore on the show.

"If I had known this commercial would get this kind of response, I would've been much more optimistic about my career," he joked. "I don't remember (a) similar enthusiasm at the time. My director almost fired me and now I can see why."

In the 1989 commercial, a young woman is trying to place an order at Burger King but accidentally dials Affleck's character's car phone number. He plays along, drives to Burger King, orders what she asked for and drops it off on her front porch. But before they can meet, his dad calls his car phone and he rushes back to the car to take the call ("Dad?" he says, as the girl looks around for him, bewildered. "Be right home.").

"There was a car in the commercial and I had to drive," Affleck explained. "They're always worried about actors driving."

"'Do you know how to drive, kid?" he recalled the director asking him on their set in New York.

"Yeah, yeah, I know how to drive," he answered, to which the director responded, "Are you sure?"

"Guys, I've driven like 500 or 1,000 miles," he proudly told him.

"(In) your whole lifetime, have you?" the director responded sarcastically. "Guess we're all set then."

In the commercial, Affleck does make a couple of wider-than-necessary turns, but he thankfuly doesn't hit anything and safely delivers the order. Affleck said the commercial took multiple takes.

"I also remember being like, 'I don't know why this director keeps making me do it over and over again,'" he said. "And now looking at the performance, I have a better idea."