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Why guacamole lovers may be scoring more dates online

Struggling to score a date using an app or dating site? Try including a few of your favorite foods in your profile.
/ Source: TODAY

If we’ve learned anything from this week’s royal engagement announcement, it’s that there is definitely some truth to the old adage that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

And while Meghan Markle's magical roast chicken may have set the stage for Prince Harry to pop the question, the dating site Zoosk recently found that are plenty of other popular foods that help spark the interest of a potential love match.

The website surveyed over 7,000 singles, analyzed more than 3.7 million dating profiles and looked through over 364 million first messages to determine if a link between food and love really exists. Spoiler alert: it does.

Their results revealed what foods people think are the best and worst to eat on a date and, perhaps even more helpful, what foods to mention in your profile to score an in-person rendezvous. According to Zoosk, talking about food in your profile in general is a good thing — but what type may yield very different reactions.

The top three foods to mention in your profile if you're looking for a romantic response? Guacamole, potatoes and chocolate. People who mentioned guacamole had a whopping 144 percent increase in inbound messages. Salad, sushi and avocado also scored big on procuring more notes from potential mates.

However, there are apparently foods that have the opposite effect: Mentioning fried chicken in a dating profile results in 15 percent fewer messages while poor yams are super unpopular, resulting in 70 percent fewer messages. Guess online dates aren't really into Patti LaBelle's famous sweet potato pie!

So what happens when you finally score a date? According to the survey, the best food to eat on a date is seafood. As for the worst? Messy buffalo wings or ribs were named the worst (but let's face it, they're still delicious!). But who wants to deal with the wet naps when trying to make a great first impression?

While trying to seduce someone with your charming personality (pretending you are a prince or princess, perhaps), there are still certain food clichés that hold true: Chocolate-covered strawberries are still thought of as the most seductive food, voted as such by 34 percent of singles, followed by wine and cheese (28 percent) and ice cream (12 percent).