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McDonald's adds kale to burgers, people aren't having it

Does the world really need more kale?
/ Source: TODAY

If you're watching your diet — or just a millennial hipster — chances are you've been eating a lot of kale lately because it's pretty much everywhere. And if you're generally just trying to eat healthier, you're probably not flocking to fast food restaurants, which makes McDonald’s latest launch a little confusing.

McDonald’s, best known for its fries and Big Macs, has released a Kale & Sriracha Mac Sauce sandwich as part of its Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich line. If you really love the idea of the spicy sauce, you don’t even have to get it on a burger or a chicken sandwich. You can simply get a small side of it for fry dipping.


Like the rest of McDonald’s crafted sandwich line, the new offering can be customized. So you can add a beef patty, crispy chicken, or grilled chicken. That protein is topped with crispy onions, tomato, white cheddar cheese, a blend of baby kale and spinach and, of course, that Sriracha Mac sauce. According to Eater, the sandwich is priced around $5, depending on the restaurant location.

But does adding kale and spinach to your cheeseburger really make it healthy? Many on social media are skeptical of the Golden Arches' latest menu rollout.

Sure, we like to add veggies on our pizza or order a diet coke with a small basket of fries to balance the scales (so to speak!), so we sort of get the logic here — besides, every little bit of greenery helps, right?

On the other hand, if you're really looking to pump up the greens in your life, maybe consider just making a salad at home.