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People are outraged that a man ate soup directly from a hot bar — see the video

That is not how you're supposed to eat soup!
Man eats soup from public ladle
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/ Source: TODAY

These days supermarkets don't have just groceries — they have entire departments and loads of employees devoted solely to prepping ready-to-eat foods like rotisserie chickens, roasted turkey, salad ingredients and hot soup. People can take as much or as little as they want, but there's one very clear rule and usually a sign that reads "no hands please."

Most people have no problem with trying to keep things hygienic, but there's a new video of a man slurping soup from a ladle at a supermarket hot bar — and it's making people absolutely lose their minds.

On Saturday, a user on Reddit posted a video in the site's "trashy" category with the caption "eating the soup straight off the bar, thought it belongs here."

In the video, a man is holding what looks like a bag of rolls (to wash down the soup, no doubt) or maybe some potatoes to make his own version at home. He then picks up a ladle — for those who need a reminder, a ladle is meant to scoop the soup from the public container into a bowl for personal use — and brought the large spoon to his mouth ... not once, not twice, but several times.

Now, if we've learned anything from shocking videos that originate on Reddit (cough, Justin Bieber burrito impersonator, cough), it's to always question whether the material is true. Was this incident really caught on candid camera? Was it a mischievous hoax to bate tweeters into having another giant food fight? Or was it filmed to remind us of proper etiquette and hygiene?

Whether or not this video was staged, it's made a whole lot of people pretty much lose their minds on social media.

We apologize, this video has expired.

People are speculating about which supermarket is in the video. They're also wondering what the man's story is. If it is not a staged video, some people are curious if perhaps the man was very hungry and had no other way to have a hot meal. Then his actions would seem understandable and forgivable to some people.

Although the store and the individual remain anonymous at this point, one thing is certain. The internet is having a full-on meltdown.

One person demanded that the man be identified and banned from ... everywhere.

Many people felt sick. Just sick.

Several people recalled an old favorite line from "Seinfeld."

One person channeled Jimmy Fallon, who knows good food.

Some people pointed fingers at the person who filmed it for not saying anything.

Also, even if this particular video was a fake, some said they've seen this done before.

Say it isn't so.

If the man in the video is real, he must have mistaken the sign above him, "Ladle up some comfort," to mean "Ladle up some comfort RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND."

We just want to know what notoriously critical celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay would have to say about this whole thing.

While a visit to supermarket soup bar may seem like a rather innocuous thing, this particular one has turned it into a Halloween scream fest.