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'This should be illegal': People are freaking out over this mustard pizza

A pizza involving mustard has recently gotten the internet talking, and people have some strong opinions about the combination.
/ Source: TODAY

You mustard be kidding, right?

A pizza involving an unusual combination has recently gotten the internet talking, and people seem to have some strong opinions about it.

It’s called Mustard Pizza, and instead of tomato sauce, the dough is topped with the yellow condiment. And as odd as the idea is, it makes a little more since when you find out how it originated.

Surprisingly, the mustard pizza came into fruition from a simple misunderstanding at Papa’s Tomato Pies in Trenton, New Jersey, according to a video by Food Insider.

“A guy came in there, he was drunk,” said Francis Garcia, co-owner of Lions & Tigers & Squares Detroit Pizza in New York City. “He was slurring and he was trying to order a mushroom pie. The old Italian guy said, ‘Mustard pie? Give it to him!’ They put the mustard on the pie with the tomato sauce and it was a hit.”

Garcia and his business partner tried the pizza in Trenton. “We loved it,” he said. So they put it on their menu.

Their recipe starts off by smearing a very generous helping of spicy brown Gulden's Mustard on top of the dough. Then strips of corned beef and handfuls of sauerkraut are added. Shredded cheese is the finishing touch.

“It’s like a Reuben [sandwich],” Lions & Tigers & Squares employee Rasheed Walker explained to TODAY Food. He added that the mustard pizza had been on the menu since the restaurant opened a few months ago.

The mustard pizza has become such a viral sensation that people all over the country are chiming in with their polarizing thoughts on the interesting food.

Some mustard-lovers are fans.

One brave soul even dared to dream up a mustard pizza with another controversial topping — pineapple.

Others, though, are seriously opposed to the whole mustard pizza idea.

Some are refusing to even call it a pizza to begin with.

And it looks like Heinz Tomato Ketchup wants in on the action too:

Putting weird things on pizza is nothing new, of course. From mayo and peas to Peeps and Candy Corn, it seems like anything is game these days.