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People are freaking out about how this man ate a Kit Kat

Yes, there is a wrong way to eat a Kit Kat, and this man is guilty.
/ Source: TODAY

Guess he's never heard the Kit Kat jingle.

A woman from Washington, D.C. recently shared a photo on Twitter of a partially eaten Kit Kat bar — and the way that it was partially consumed has sparked a fierce debate (and very intense reactions) on social media.

That's right: He didn't, as the jingle goes, "Break it off." He took a bite ... from the center of a Kit Kat bar.

Perhaps we should cut this man some slack. As Haley Byrd pointed out in her tweet, it was her boyfriend's first time eating the popular candy bar. (And perhaps the tried-and-true Kit Kat method isn't as obvious as, oh say, the proper way to eat a Pringle.)

"'I don't think I've ever had a Kit Kat before,' my boyfriend remarks before doing THIS," she wrote.

Still, Twitter users didn't let him off so easily. Byrd's original post has almost 2,000 comments and over 8,500 likes. Some even said the faux paux was so bad that Byrd should dump him — immediately.

"So how did you break up?" one person wrote.

"Does he eat bananas sideways?" wrote another. "How about pistachios? Does he take the shell off before chewing?"

Byrd took the comments in stride, thanking everyone for their feedback, but insisting that her boyfriend is indeed "a keeper."

A sweet ending after all!