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Martha Stewart, Bobby Flay and more celebrity chefs nearly gag trying Peeps pizza

Peeps-topped pizza, aka Peepza, is really a thing and these brave chefs tried it out so you don't have to.
/ Source: TODAY

People have very strong opinions about how pizza should and shouldn't be treated.

Is it OK to put pineapples on it? Mayo? Canned spaghetti? (No, no and no.) But come Easter, the biggest pizza debate usually centers around a certain marshmallow-topped pie. No, we're not talking about a dessert pizza here. "Peepza," which started going viral in 2017, is a pizza that's topped with the usual marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese ... plus melted neon Peeps marshmallow candies. That's certainly one way to repurpose Peeps in post-Easter recipes.

When it first hit the scene, the Peepza sparked a major controversy on Twitter: Depending on the person, it either ruined Easter or made it the best one yet. To get the definitive answer about this polarizing pie, TODAY Food asked a bunch of culinary stars to taste it when it first started going viral. Martha Stewart, Bobby Flay, Tom Colicchio, Adam Richman, Curtis Stone, Ryan Scott and Jeff Mauro were all brave enough to try it out.

The original Peepza actually hatched all the way back in 2010, thanks to Adam Kuban, the editor of Serious Eats' now-defunct Slice NY blog. But several years later, the Peeps pizza resurfaced on Twitter and we still can't get the taste out of our mouths.

Most people were deeply and profoundly offended:

But there were actually a (very) select few who, for some unknown reason, wanted more:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, "Top Chef" judge Tom Colicchio took one look at it and wouldn't touch it, while Jeff Mauro happily took a few extra bites. Curtis Stone said he actually thought it was delicious.

Adam Richman tried to give it a chance: "I want it to be worse than it is —," he started. "No, it's bad, it's still bad."

But Martha, of course, gave the final, decisive verdict: "It tastes disgusting, actually."

And that's it, folks. It's been settled. Peepza can go away forever now ... or at least until next Easter.