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Try this peanut butter hack from TikTok

Many peanut butter lovers have been eager to give this trick a try.
Spoonful of peanut butter
Have you ever struggled to get the last little bit of peanut butter out of a jar? Brian Hagiwara / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Many people have their own special tricks for scraping out the last servings of peanut butter from a jar, whether it's using heat or turning those last little bits of nut butter into an entirely new condiment, like salad dressing.

But the latest hack going viral supposedly makes nearly empty jars of peanut butter look like they're brand new.

In late April, TikTok user @shopsplat posted a video showcasing the trick. First, he holds up a nearly empty jar of peanut butter. He then screws the lid back on tightly and spins the jar on the floor, making several vigorous turns in the same direction.


This is so cool ! Watch till the end !

♬ original sound - shopsplat

"If this works, I'm gonna flip," the TikTok user explains while forcefully spinning the jar. A few spins later, the jar is opened, revealing what appears to be nearly full jar of peanut butter (of course, the creamy condiment has just been forced to the top) in a neatly swirled pattern.

@shopsplats' video has been liked over 40,000 times and now many more TikTok users have posted videos of themselves trying out this hack, with varying degrees of success.


HOLY GRANOLY!!!!! Finally on attempt 752😂😂😂 ##fyp ##peanutbutterhack

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Some people had trouble nailing down the whole spin-the-jar thing.


I did the peanut butter challenge & welp— just watch 😅 ##peanutbutterchallenge ##fyp my bro is going to give me $1k if this go viral so help a girl out

♬ original sound - cynthia_carrlivas

Others weren't quite sure how well the hack worked after trying it out themselves.

TODAY Food tried the hack and found that the trick does work with peanut butter, other nut butters and even condiments like mayonnaise, but it requires several very forceful spins to achieve the beautifully swirled top.

Before attempting this trick, however, it's important to make sure that the lid to the jar is screwed on tightly. Also, don't attempt to spin any jars on a surface that hasn't been thoroughly cleaned recently.

Other than that, it’s definitely worth giving this idea a spin.