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Patti LaBelle has a new pie at Walmart — and the TODAY anchors can't get enough

"This is like your singing in a pie."
Patti Labelle pie
Nathan Congleton/TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

During her prolific career, Patti LaBelle has sold over 50 million records and, if Al Roker and Sheinelle Jones have their say, the iconic singer's new pie should go platinum, too.

At 74, LaBelle is still performing and baking up a storm. She's even cooked for legends like Prince, Elton John and Mick Jagger. But for those of us who can't have our very own LaBelle baking in the kitchen, she also has a line of pre-made confections and pies like Banana Pudding Cups, Vanilla Pound Cake and "Somebody Loves You, Baby" chocolate cake, all available at Walmart.

And she just launched another pie flavor that the TODAY anchors are flipping for.

"It's my country buttermilk pie. It's my grandmother's recipe and this is so good," LaBelle told TODAY Al and Sheinelle as they prepared to take a taste.

"I just put a little twist to it — a baby Patti twist."

Patti LaBelle just launched a new pie at Walmart. It's called Southern Buttermilk Pie.
Patti LaBelle just launched a new pie at Walmart. It's called Southern Buttermilk Pie. Walmart

With her famous sweet potato pie selling out at Walmart, LaBelle has developed a pretty good reputation as a pie maker. Naturally, Sheinelle and Al had to perform an official taste test of the new flavor.

"Oh, this is dangerous," Sheinelle said as she lifted the fork to her mouth to take a bite.

LaBelle nodded, saying "I don't lie about food. It's gonna be always good if it comes from Patti."

Patti LaBelle's Sweet Potato Pie

"Oh my, defibrillator please! Wow. Oh my," Al said as he reached for his slice.

After taking a bite, Sheinelle was gleefully surprised by how fresh the pie tasted.

"It tastes like you just went to the kitchen. How do you this?" she asked LaBelle, who obviously wouldn't disclose her secret.

"This is like your singing in a pie," Al added between bites.

LaBelle's fans (who love both her singing and her desserts) agree with the TODAY anchors:

Some even said that LaBelle's buttermilk pie can get them through a tough day:

And, of course, her legendary sweet potato pie is still a favorite:

LaBelle told TODAY that she could keep performing for another 74 years. Let's just hope she keeps turning out the baked goods for that long, too!