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This pate made from White Castle burgers is a true delicacy

This recipe may just be the most Midwestern food of all time.
Yup, that ball is really made from blended hamburgers.
Yup, that ball is really made from blended hamburgers. White Castle
/ Source: TODAY

Nationwide stay-at-home orders have seen many people spending more time in the kitchen cooking, eating and digging up unique family recipes. While going through those family favorites, some are taking to social media to report on some pretty unusual findings.

Take the recipe one Twitter user said she found in a book of recipes from her grandmother’s church. The recipe (if one could call it that) calls for just three ingredients: White Castle burgers, water and sour cream.

The vintage recipe was aptly titled "White Castle Pate."

Whereas traditional pate is a mixture of ground meat (usually liver) fat and spices that can take many hours to make, this recipe is fairly straightforward, calling for 10 White Castle burgers to be blended with water. Then the burger mush is spread into a dish and baked for about 45 minutes. Like a traditional terrine or liver-based mousse, this dish is served with crackers.

But surely blending up hamburgers is just a one-off thing that no one would ever really attempt?


A fancier version of this pate even appears on White Castle's website. The mini burger chain's official recipe features ingredients like steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce, sweet mustard, sweet barbecue sauce and hot sauce.

Many people on social media were somewhat intrigued by the potluck-ready creation.

Some, understandably, couldn't help but crack a joke about the dish.

Perhaps even more surprising, others shared spins on this recipe they found in their own family's recipe collections.

When reached via email, Jamie Richardson, White Castle's vice president, shed some light on the origins of the chain's recipe, which was likely created after many of the homemade versions.

“This tasty appetizing palette pleaser was created in the culinary kitchens of White Castle in 2011 in celebration of our 90th birthday," he said. "We might be biased but we think it’s the perfect pre-party table setter. Nothing asks ‘Do I have to share?’ like White Castle pate.”

If blending up burgers is now an acceptable pastime, the sky is apparently the limit when it comes to making "pate" at home. Why not include the whole burger experience and throw in some cheese, onions or pickles next time?