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Paris Hilton now has a cooking show and she makes lasagna

"That's hot" has a whole new meaning when it comes to cooking.
Paris Hilton/ Youtube
/ Source: TODAY

To any "Simple Life" fan who has been pining to see Paris Hilton back on reality TV saying "that's hot," your moment has finally arrived.

Instead of taking on odd jobs and living with strangers, the hotel heiress is now apparently taking her knowledge of cooking to YouTube.

"Cooking With Paris," went live on Hilton's account Monday and the culinary world may never be the same. The first 16-minute episode will surely delight viewers who enjoyed watching Hilton struggle through manual labor back in the early oughts.

Only this time, instead of wielding a pitch fork, Hilton's holding a spatula (three, actually) and instead of working a farm, she's making a giant lasagna.

Paris Hilton may not have the right utensils, but she's cooking up a storm on her new Youtube show, "Cooking with Paris."Paris Hilton/ Youtube

The show, which is very reminiscent of Jennifer Garner's surprisingly informative and highly entertaining "Pretend Cooking Show," starts with Hilton explaining how much she loved watching her mom cook when she was growing up.

Now, via "Cooking with Paris," she wants to bring that same joy to her fans.

"As you all know — well, maybe not all of you know — people who do know, know that I'm an amazing cook," Hilton proudly proclaims.

In her debut episode, Hilton demonstrates how to make one of her go-to dishes: lasagna. Here are a few very important cooking tips that we learned from "Cooking with Paris."

Tip #1: Use whatever kind of cheese you want (even if it's weird)

Hilton typically buys store-bought whole milk or 2% milk ricotta (and a lot of it) and shreds mozzarella by hand. However, she advises viewers to use any alternative they see fit.

"There's so many different types of cheese that it's not normal, but it's cool," Hilton casually says.

Paris Hilton has a few hacks for the perfect cheese mixture.Paris Hilton/ Youtube

Tip #2: Add this secret ingredient to ricotta for a killer filling

Most mixtures for moist lasagna fillers combine ricotta, egg and a mixture of Italian spices. Hilton's secret to a decadent dish involves mixing some of the shredded mozzarella cheese into the moist ingredients for an extra cheesy result.

Tip #3: Glamorous sunglasses will solve onion-cutting woes

It's very hard to avoid crying while chopping onions. Some swear by holding a match between their teeth, others don speciality googles. Hilton's solution? Wear a pair of giant, glittery sunglasses. She explains how covering the eyes with some sweet shades helps them from watering up and — bonus! — will also help prevent mascara from running.

Tip #4: Added too much salt? Use paper towels

Paris Hilton/ Youtube

Hilton uses a lot of paper towels throughout the episode. If you add too much oil to a pan, Hilton advises using paper towels to wipe it off. When she accidentally tosses what looked like a full cup of salt into the ground beef cooking on the stove, Hilton advised viewers to use bottled water to wet a paper towel, and then dab it across the raw meat to remove the salt.

Weird flex, but OK.

Paris made her famous lasagna for viewers and it really looks good. Paris Hilton/ Youtube

Despite not listing any measurements for ingredients or giving exact cooking times, Hilton's first lasagna demo appeared to be a real success.

The cheese bubbled, the meat appeared to be fully cooked and the noodles looked tender. Now that's hot.