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Papa John's brings back its cheeseburger pizza — topped with pickles and special sauce

If you thought 2020 was a lot, meet the cheeseburger Papadia.
/ Source: TODAY

This has been a rough year, and the need for classic comfort foods has never been greater. But when you're having a tough day, and need a guilty pleasure, sometimes it’s hard to choose between that stacked burger or a cheesy slice of pizza. Why not, then, choose to have both?

Of course, the option to have a slice of pizza and a burger has always existed. But the option to combine them into one dish wasn’t quite as common, until Papa John’s released their Double Cheeseburger Pizza.

Formerly a limited-time only menu item in 2015 and 2018, the pizza known for its pickles and Big Mac-like special sauce — is back, except now it’s being joined by the Double Cheeseburger Papadia.

The Double Cheeseburger Papadia feels a bit more like a traditional cheeseburger, via a quarter pound of seasoned beef with dill pickles and melty cheese, but it does come wrapped in pizza dough and with a dipping sauce to make it feel slightly more pizza like.

“Our Double Cheeseburger Pizza is a limited-time product we first introduced five years ago and has inspired a big fan following. Now, Americans who love cheeseburgers can enjoy the flavors they crave both in our popular pizza, as well as a Papadia version,” Tom Smith, Papa John’s director of culinary innovation, said in a statement to media. “The new Double Cheeseburger Papadia tastes like a cheeseburger wrapped in Papa John’s signature pizza dough. We’re confident that we can satisfy even the most discerning cheeseburger lover.”

The Double Cheeseburger  Pizza and Double Cheeseburger Papadia will be both available only for Papa Rewards members, from  Oct. 19 – Oct. 25, at select Papa John’s locations, but both will become more widely available nationwide on Oct. 26 and stay on the menu through Dec. 27.

The pizza and the Papadia are essentially the same ingredients, just delivered in different ways, so it’s really all about how you want to enjoy your seasoned beef, pickles, and cheese.

Worried you'll miss out on catching the Papa John's Double Cheeseburger Pizza in time? There's good news: Domino's actually also makes a cheeseburger pizza, and theirs has bacon!